Experiencing Mt. Yangbew (La Trinidad, Benguet)

I’m always terrified of climbing mountains. That might be a little exaggerated, but the idea of hanging from cliffs and tumbling down to my death just sounds scary to me. I don’t have a weak stamina (I can work for miles) and I’m not as brittle as I think, but […]

The Mt. Pinatubo Day Hike Experience

Last week, I had the chance to travel and experience Mt. Pinatubo together with fellow bloggers for Dermplus’ Sunventure Event. It was actually a last minute thing, and I signed up for it just a day before we left Manila. I was feeling all crappy and didn’t have anything to […]

Explore: Coron Island Hopping Experience

On Mark and I’s second day at Coron, we took a group tour with JY Travel and Tours, where we availed their Coron Island Tour A. Here’s a peek of what went down and what you should know when availing group packages. The Set-Up     Usually, tours like this […]

Explore: Coron Town

Want to travel around the vicinity of Coron’s Town? Check out this quick guide on the places that you must check out, plus some tips to save up for your trip.