The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Ilocos for 3D2N

There is no doubt that Ilocos is one of the most beautiful provinces in the country. With its gorgeous natural landscapes and historical destinations, it is no wonder why travelers are captivated by its beauty. Mark and I were given the chance to explore the province, both Ilocos Sur and […]

Bangui Windmills: The Magic of Sunsets

Bangui Windmills - Ilocos Norte -

For me, magic is the ephemeral moments of sunsets. Magic is the split second of when the sky transforms from touches of yellow and orange to a mysterious shade of navy, dotted with stars centered on the shining moon. I supposed it wasn’t called “magic hour” if it wasn’t truly […]

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation: White Washed By Nature

I’d like to think that nature is an artist. It’s a breathing and moving creator, carving masterpieces in small movements and long intervals. From the gorgeous wonderland beneath the waters to the beautiful formations inland, I guess no one can contest when I say that nature is definitely the greatest […]