Gastronomical Adventures: Fatburger

There was a time in my life when my diet was completely taken over by burgers. I remember Mark and I visiting different burger joints, our dates filled with greasy patties served with greasier sides. Now that I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle (a.k.a. Lessening the junk that I […]

Gastronomical Adventures: Butamaru Ortigas

You can say that I can be a “food snob” at times. I’m definitely into trying new dishes, but there are some things that I refuse to dabble on because I don’t like to spend money on something that I’m not even sure if I’d like. Experimentation isn’t an option […]

Living The Adventure at Laboracay!

We need some adventure in our lives every now and then. I am not the adventurous and active type, but last labor day weekend, I realized that I wanted to change my life and try to YOLO everyday instead of always being inside my comfort zone. 24: Live the Adventure […]