Where to Stay in Tagaytay: Containers by Eco Hotel

Just a two-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay is one of the most frequented vacation spots for Manileños looking for refuge from the busy city life. With a road trip that’s one for the books, this picturesque destination is a huge hit because of its accessibility and affordability. It also has a great variety of activities — from theme parks to hiking and even small picnics for the whole family.

I haven’t been to Tagaytay in a long time, and to be honest, I couldn’t even remember how it looked like when I last visited the city a few years ago. Just this November, I was lucky enough to go back and visit some places that felt familiar but different at the same time. I was with Mark and we went to check out some favorite spots in the city like Picnic Grove and that overlooking Starbucks branch along the highway.

During my visit, Eco Hotels were nice enough to host us for a night on their newest property called “Containers”. True to the hotel chain’s promise of being eco-friendly, this newest venture’s structure is entirely based on repurposed container vans. The space is innovative, artsy, and undeniably Instagrammable (in a true millennial fashion), but it never compromises the comfort that people look for in hotels. They are now fully operational and I must say that the space is worth the visit!During our visit, the hotel was still on its soft opening, so most of the areas were under construction, but nonetheless, our stay gave us a glimpse of the potential of the hotel, and I must say, it was something that’s truly promising.

UPDATE: The hotel is now fully operational and you can book through Eco Hotel’s website.


The Room

We stayed in a room called ‘Tutubi’ which is a family room that can hold up to seven people. It was extremely spacious just for two people, but can be a little crowded when used to its full capacity.

There’s a pull out bed under the bunk and a sofa bed in the living area. There’s also a master’s area that can be enclosed from the rest of the room.

The room boasts a separate shower and toilet area, which is a great feat for big groups. It’s a little small in my opinion, but still quite comfortable.




Containers aim for comfort and affordability, and there isn’t really much inside the hotel just yet. They’re planning to put up a rooftop bar on the second floor, while a restaurant is also in the works on the ground level. There also seems to be a conference area that’s being constructed just beside the reception.



Eco-Friendly Features

One of the things that I loved about Containers was the fact that every single thing inside the hotel is put together in a meaningful way. They all serve a purpose and the owners are conscious of what they let their clients experience. From the glass containers that hold the shampoos and other toiletries (no more disposable tubes that adds to the landfills) to the upcycled furniture, the hotel is a testament that it is possible to stay sustainable in the hospitality business.

‘Containers’ is also powered by solar power and implements water recycling in their system. They also try their best to remind their guests to be aware of what they throw away, with little reminders such as “reuse, reduce, recycle, renew” posters in the hotel’s nook and crannies.



Supporting Local Artists

Eco Hotel is also a proud supporter of local artists, inviting over some of their friends to paint and create artworks for the hotel. From the hallways to the insides of the rooms, you can witness art in different forms wherever you look. They even have a painting superimposed on a small bike and flowers, reminiscent of the famous street art in Penang.

All in all, I was pleased with our stay in Containers. It’s a great hotel option for people who want to opt for greener options when it comes to their stay. Plus points for their A+ architecture and design. 🙂



Containers by Eco Hotel

2816 SVD Road, San Jose, Tagaytay
+63 2 881 5318 -19

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* Note: All photos are taken by Mark Capiral.

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  1. This looks so cool! I haven’t been in Tagaytay for so long but I’ll be heading towards it next week and booked an Airbnb. Would love to give this place a go – but maybe when everything’s already finished. The room looks fancy despite it being a container!

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