On News, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Love

In light of the recent events, I would have to say that me being sad is an understatement. I feel horrible. I feel heartbroken. I honestly have no words for everything that’s happening lately. For a while, things seemed to be a bit tamed, with the attacks being less present in the media (although I know that there are still a lot of violence happening on the other side of the globe), but during the past few days, the news made me realize how much of a mess the world has been (or how messed up we still are). Browsing on social media did not do me any good, either. From one account to another, I see hatred and anger, with people starting to forget how violence can never solve anything. I see people making hate comments, and as much as I want to keep my calm, there are just so many of them that makes me lose my sh*t.

If there was one thing that infuriated me the most, it was the fact that people are judging others and justifying things based on their stereotypes. At this moment when we needed to be more united as ever, I see people on social media getting on the racism train, and choo-choo, there goes the endless slurs of offensive comments to Muslims, people of color, and gays. There are hundreds of tweets patronizing the work of the “shooter”, with people asking for more murders just to get rid of homosexuals. While I was browsing on my feed, I saw someone retweeted a post that says “if you want to find more people who are willing to kill, go to a mosque”, and that statement alone made me feel like vomiting in my mouth. I just couldn’t take it that there are people who are willing to go as far as wishing for more massacres just because they feel like others are not as righteous as them. No one deserves to die that way and it is such an abomination to actually see people agreeing that others must pass on in the most horrible way possible. They condemn others as if these people do not deserve to live, and that just breaks me so much. People talk as if they are so entitled just because they are part of a certain race, or a certain religion, or a certain gender, and it hurts a lot because we are supposed to love each other, right? We were supposed to be holding each other’s hands, helping one another, and trying to solve other bigger things like saving mother nature, or maybe making this world a better place. But instead, we are divided by things that shouldn’t really matter and that sucks a lot.

Despite all the things being painful and stressful, I think all we could do is just hope for the best. As for me, I hope that there are still people who are on the same page as I am. I hope that there is still someone out there who dares to believe in making a change, in creating a difference, and in moving mountains. I hope that there are still hopefuls, that there are still people who believe and cling to love, people who still knows how to listen to their hearts to find their way through life. I know that it sounds a little too crazy or superficial even, but I guess there is nothing wrong with getting in touch with our souls and just hoping that things would get better. It may be a dream, but those who dreamed were the ones who make things happen. The war, the slavery, the holocaust, the genocide — who would’ve thought that it would all end? Those who believed. And believe, we must all do.

Here’s a very timely sonnet from the genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda, which he shared during yesterday’s Tony Awards. (BTW Hamilton just won 11 awards (!!!) yesterday. Will probably spazz on that sometime) Here is his touching acceptance speech that definitely moved me to tears (and still do):


I still believe that we have the capacity to love and that at the end of the day, there is still kindness beneath us all. I know things are so f*cked up, but I guess I’d still continue hoping. Despite seeing horrible tragedies unfold before my very eyes, I also see people helping one another, people trying to console and support those who are in need.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda eloquently puts it, “love is love is love is love is love”, and I want to continuously believe in that love.

5 thoughts on “On News, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Love

  1. I have no words for what is happening these past few days. It’s so easy to be angry and to point fingers, but I hope people will realize that nothing good will come out of that. It both angers and sadden me seeing the homophobic comments especially and the bashing of religions. It’s a sad week for humanity.

  2. Love is love is love is love, indeed! There’s been a lot of sick things happening lately. The world needs to chill out and regroup.

  3. These things are really saddening. Whenever I see posts about the last text message of one of the victims, survivor stories, anything related to them; I scroll down fast because I feel so fragile about it and they’re too much for me to handle. Oh, this world. 🙁

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