Ili-likha Artist Village: Embracing Baguio City’s Art Community

During my last trip to Baguio, we were treated by the beautiful people from Azalea Residences to a one-of-a-kind tour around the city. On our first day, we were brought to the Ili-likha Artist Village, an interesting hub where creatives from all over the country gather to create and bring more light to Baguio City’s art community. It’s also a great place to grab some healthy grub, and interact with artists and fellow travelers alike.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

What is there to see?

Although it looks like a rundown place from the outside, coming in at Ili-likha Artists Village is like being transported into a whole new dimension. The place is a multi-level tree house of sorts, with cafes and studio inside its small space. Each corner is decorated with art, from mosaic tiles to woodcarvings and recycled sculptures. Honestly, it felt like a mishmash of everything colorful and creative, but somehow, that kind of concept works perfectly well, creating a homey sanctuary for everyone.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

Their colorful stairs

The reason behind its ingenious use of trees is the place’s advocacy of preserving what they have in their surroundings. They use their spaces unconventionally and has only proved that they have nothing but creativity flowing through their bloodstream. Just going around the area will already give you more inspiration than you could ever imagine.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

One of the interesting pieces inside the village

What’s in store for your tummy?

Ili-likha Artist Village -

One of the many food stalls where you can get some grub: Cafe Cueva

The village is home to Kiwing na Kahoy Community Food Hub, a group of food shops that offers hearty and healthy meals for everyone. They serve a variety of dishes, from pasta to salads to even sizzling plates, but rest assured, everything is served fresh and with your health in mind. The food is also affordable, so you need not worry about your budget. Price ranges from PHP 50.00 above.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

During our visit, we were served with a fresh salad with strawberries and toast. They are extra fresh (which I really loved) and they taste heavenly! 🙂

Who else will you encounter?

Ili-likha Artist Village -

Tattoos of performance artist Tara Natividad

Aside from appreciating the place’s interesting architecture, you can also interact with artists and ask them about their works. I’m the type of person who’s really fascinated to the different creative processes of artists, so it was such a delight that we were able to talk to them and ask them questions on how they find inspirations and motivations to finish their pieces.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

Cheson – Bamboo Instrument Maker

One of the people that we were able to talk with was Cheson, an artist who pursues the craft of creating traditional bamboo musical instruments and learning it straight from the tribes. He shared the story of how this is a dying practice, and as a native, he wanted to preserve and uphold the beauty of their heritage through music.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

Serk Dayuda – visual and tattoo artist

We were also able to sit down with Serk Dayuda, a visual and tattoo artist who decided to live in Baguio and pursue his projects in the city. Before moving in at Baguio, Serk was also a part of the band called “Elemento”, which uses metal scraps as instruments. As of the moment, he is working on some personal projects, and has pursued exploring visual arts like paintings and installations.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

While we were enjoying our merienda, we were also serenaded by some of the village’s musicians, playing some fun tunes that would make you want to stand up and dance on your feet.

One thing that makes me love the place more is how welcoming everyone is. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, an art enthusiast, or a passer-by, the village is open for you to visit. Some of the artists that we’ve encountered are staying in the village and uses it as a place to create their works. They are also open to all artists who are interested in immersing with them, no matter if you’re a Filipino or even a foreigner.

Ili-likha Artist Village -

Want to experience the beauty of it all? Don’t forget to drop by the village whenever you’re in Baguio! They opened in 2014 and is still continuously making an effort to expand and create more space for everyone.

Ili-likha Artist Village

#32 Assumption Road Brgy. Kabayanihan, Baguio City

Operating hours: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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22 thoughts on “Ili-likha Artist Village: Embracing Baguio City’s Art Community

  1. Oh Baguio, this place is a must visit this summer (money is the problem, haha). I’m not into salads but it makes me wanna have a plate of it just by looking at you photo, Ate. Cafe Cueva looks a lot more interesting than the usual cafes around the city. I really wish I can visit the places you’ve visited around Baguio too – soon. Love the photos, Ate! 🙂

  2. Great experience! I’ve always wanted to visit this place but sadly every time I go to Baguio, it doesn’t happen. I’ve always been interested in the arts and good food so this is exactly my cup of tea.

  3. That salad with strawberries looks delicious!! Also, I wish I found out about this place when I went to Baguio last year! I need more inspiring and creative places in my life.

  4. I never knew there is such art village exists. I am always fascinated by art and it’s my frustration that I can’t put that to work. Oh how I wish I am as creative as them. I love their advocacy of preserving trees. I hope there are more communities with such advocacy relating to nature.

    Wow, that’s really cheap! P50.00 is definitely a good price for a food. I really hope I can visit Baguio, one day. And I hope it’s within this year!

  5. Seems like a magical place.. I love art and if i was any closer to Philippines i’d surely visit it. I specially like the fact that you can talk to artists, i think that’s a great experience. I love hearing how artists think and their opinion on certain topics, i’d give everything to talk to some artists i really admire.

  6. It’s been more than a decade since I last visited Baguio. I would really love to go back. If ever I will, I will definitely add this artist village to my IT. First I love arts. And second, I love tree houses when I was young. 🙂

  7. Oh , that Cafè Cueva looks stunning ! I love places like this . The food looks really fresh , I just can’t work out the price in euros . I am sure , you had a fantastic time , these tattoo techniques are still used nowadays , I know . But every time I see this , it makes me wonder how painful it must be to get a tattoo done that way .

  8. Omg such beautiful and unique stairways. They look so stunning. This place sounds so different than usual travelling destinations. You are amazing to have discovered it. 🙂

  9. What an interesting place, I love the fact that it’s a tree house (well of sorts as you said) that appeals to my inner child so much. I am learning so much about the Philippines and what it has to offer and this yet again is another gem I need to visit. I love that you can talk with the artists, that’s a wonderful perk!

  10. Been to Baguio last March and we didn’t know about this place! We should’ve known. Sayang, the place looks so nice. Next time, will totally list this village on our itineraries.

  11. I also went here last 2014. Haha. But sadly I wasn’t able to get some photos. I ended up looking and wandering around inside. Hahah. I suddenly want to go back to Baguio again. This time, I really want to explore more. Haha. <3

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  12. Badly missing Baguio because of this. But thanks for taking me back even for a bit! 🙂 Ililikha is one of my favorite places to dine. The ambiance is great + you get a picture of their culture up north. Nice blog, btw.

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