The Coron 3D2N Experience!

Last October, Mark and I embarked on a 3-day journey in Coron for his birthday. The decision was made out of impulse — I was randomly browsing the internet, trying to go away from my responsibilities, when I stumbled upon a 99-peso seat sale at SkyJet. I quickly booked two tickets, paid on the bank, and poof.. off we went to Coron. It took us two months of researching, planning, and crossing fingers (I was supposed to report to work on that day!), but eventually it pushed through, and I couldn’t ask for more… except for additional days on the island, I guess. Here’s a helpful guide if you also plan to visit the place soon. I’ve been looking all around online, but I haven’t found a comprehensive post that includes everything that I needed to know about going to the island. Hopefully, this guide won’t let you down.


Coron Itinerary (3D2N)


How we got here (and how we went around)



As I’ve mentioned, I booked a ticket from Manila to Busuanga through SkyJet Airlines. During that time, they had a 99-peso base fare for planes going to Busuanga and Boracay. I paid roughly around PHP 1,500.00 for our round trip tickets, which includes all the taxes, a 10-kg. baggage allowance (comes for free), and some on-board snacks. Pretty great deal, considering that most purchase during seat sales does not allow any baggage, and they also don’t offer snacks. However, if you plan on booking on a regular fare, one way ticket usually costs around PHP 2,000.00, plus taxes. Travel time is around 40 minutes.

Once you go down at Busuanga, you’ll need to travel for another 30 minutes going to the town area. In case you’ve booked on a hotel without airport transfers, you can ask around for vans going to Coron Town. Fares are at PHP 150.00. Some tour services also offers hotel transfers as part of their package. You may always double check it with your provider.

As for going around town, there is no other way but to ride the tricycle. Fares are at PHP 10.00 up to PHP 25.00, depending on the distance. If you’d like to go around by yourself, there are also available motorbikes which you can rent for a pretty affordable price. If all else fails, you can always go around by walking. 😉


Where to stay




There are a lot of great places to stay in Coron, with prices ranging from low to mid to high. You can find hostels at Coron Town, with prices ranging from PHP 500 – PHP 700 a night. While we were on a budget, we were lucky enough to score an accommodation at The Funny Lion Inn. It’s a 5-minute ride from the town, and you wouldn’t really mind that — they have a gorgeous bar on their deck, a breathtaking view from your veranda, a Jacuzzi, and a beautiful infinity pool. Honestly speaking, they have such awesome facilities, I wouldn’t mind having a staycation (in case of really bad weather).




They also have a restaurant inside, and superb crew. Rates start at PHP 7,000.00 per room. They have complete amenities, from Wifi to laundry to massage, you wouldn’t really need anything else. You may read more about them through their website or through my article for WheninManila.


What to do (and places to check out)


Go on a Town Tour



Hire a tricycle and explore the town! Make sure you go up Mount Tapyas and see the gorgeous islands of Coron from up above. Climb the 700 steps towards the viewing deck, but I promise, it’s worth it. You can also visit the Maquinit Hot Springs and take a relaxing dip with its warm water that’s definitely soothing to your aching legs.

I’ve written a detailed post about Coron Town Tour on a previous post. Check it here — EXPLORE: CORON TOWN


Go on an island hopping trip




You OBVIOUSLY have to do this because DUH. Coron has the most gorgeous beaches and breathtaking underwater scenery and you must not miss this. Snorkel, dive, swim. Coron has a bunch of islands that you can explore, and there are a lot of island hopping packages available. If you fail to do research on which tours to take beforehand, fret not, as there are tons of brochures available at the airport. Group tours are very popular on the island, as this is also the cheapest way to go around. But if you are going on the place with friends, I highly suggest that you take the private tour, as you’ll have more control on which places to visit.

Packages for group tours usually start at PHP 650, while private tours are valued starting at PHP 4,000/boat. This already includes a packed lunch and life vests. Snorkel gears are usually an additional PHP 150.00.

If you want to know more about island tours, I’ve written a pretty detailed post here — EXPLORE: CORON ISLAND HOPPING EXPERIENCE


Check out the shipwrecks




Beneath the waters of Coron are beautiful corals and tons of shipwrecks from the World War in the 1940s. The island is also known as a great spot for shipwreck diving, with around 10 or more Japanese ships lying on its seabed. Some of these wrecks have been made available for snorkeling, especially those that are located on the shallower parts of the sea. However, the wrecks are a big hit for divers, offering a different experience from one location to another. Tour packages are also available, starting at PHP 2,000.


See the Calauit Safari

Coron 3D2N -

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Be transported to another world and experience the wilderness through Calauit Safari Park! Meet and greet giraffes, zebras, and deers during your visit. You can reach the park through land (4 hours) or boat (3 hours), but it is highly suggested that you take the boat as there are a lot of islands that you can stop over as you go along.

The Safari Park has an entrance fee of PHP 400, and tours starts at PHP 4,000/head. Packages are made available and there are also joiner tours that you can check so you could save more.


Go on Cashew Shopping!



The place is abundant of cashews and they have different types available in the market! My personal favorite would be the cashews cooked with brown sugar — it’s sweet and salty and delicious. It’s also very affordable!


Feast on food




The place has a lot of great food places, but be sure to check out their seafood selection. Lobsters and tunas are very affordable in the area, so make sure to try their delicious selections! Mark and I wasn’t able to eat a bunch of seafood, but we did enjoy eating around. I’ve written a detailed post on that, which you can find here: WHERE TO EAT IN CORON


Budget for Coron


We didn’t pay for our hotel as it is a complementary stay, but here’s a list of all the expenses during our trip in the island:

Plane Tickets: PHP 1,500.00

Town Tour: PHP 600.00

Island Hopping: PHP 800.00/head

Food for 3 days: PHP 800.00/head

Miscellaneous (cashews, ref magnets, pasalubongs): PHP 500.00/head

TOTAL (no hotel + transfers included):  PHP 3,150/per person

I hope you guys find this guide helpful for your upcoming trip! What else would you like to know about Coron? If you have any questions in particular, just leave it on the comment box below, and I am more than happy to help you out. 🙂 Cheers!


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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Coron (and maybe a back to back with El Nido soon!) Great tips! and this is the first time I’ve heard of SkyJet Airlines, I’m definitely checking them out.

  2. OMG lucky you! You got to see the Safari. I want, I want! Hee! <3 To think that I'm from Palawan, I've never really explored much of it (I'm from Puerto Princesa, so I've been to El Nido and Underground River. I definitely have to go back to Coron to see everything. We only stayed there for 3 days. It's not enough!

  3. I really want to go to Coron or anywhere in Palawan. Trying to convince my bf to go with me. Looks so beautiful!

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