Where to Eat in Coron?

Last October, Mark and I stayed in Coron for three days and two nights, and as a huge fans of food, we decided to try our best to look for nice places to eat in the area. I’ve listed down the places that we got to try during our stay, as well as some recommendation based from the people that I’ve talked to.

Note: Since Mark has a history of allergy with seafood, we tried to veer away from it as much as we can. Although we did eat a bunch of crabs and tuna during our island tour, we still tried to be careful on what we eat. We usually just follow our cravings, thus, ending up to the more unpopular choices of food for a vacation in Coron.


Carl’s Grill

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Our first stop for the trip was for a quick lunch at Carl’s Grill. Located on the uphill slope going to Mt. Tapyas, Mark and I had our hearty meal on this cute cabana, ordering Sinigang na Baboy and a Korean Bibimbap. Coron has been so accustomed to the presence of Koreans, that most of the places have already adapted their food on their own menu. This grill is no exception.

Where to Eat in Coron - jhanzey.net

The food was savory, and the ambiance was great. It definitely gave that kind of “vacation” vibe, with its laid back huts and warm crew. Their menu is a mix of Korean and Pinoy dishes, but they are obviously excelling on both departments, giving off palatable food for an affordable price.

Where to eat in Coron - jhanzey.net

PS: Plus points because they have Korean Ice Cream. Yehey!

Budget: Around PHP 200.00 / Head

Kawayanan Grill

Where to eat in Coron - jhanzey.net
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One of the more popular places in Coron, Kawayanan Grill serves authentic Pinoy favorites like Kare-Kare and Sinigang. They are also known for serving exotic food and cheap beers. When we got there, Mark and I tried their seafood Kare-Kare and chilly cheese sticks, and they were just okay. As much as we’d love to eat something extra ordinary, we ended up choosing the safe side, because, again, allergies can ruin trips and we don’t want ours to be ruined by nasty rashes. Kawayanan Grill reminds me of the usual grill places that we have in Manila, though.

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However, what they lack in extraordinary food (that wasn’t exotic) was compensated by affordable beers, friendly servers, and awesome pulutans. The place really isn’t for dinner, but it’s more slated towards a casual night out with a few drinks and some drunk stories. Mark and I were too tired to even touch alcohol, but this place would definitely one of the best choices to hangout with friends.

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His body is ready for food.

Budget: PHP 100.00 – PHP 300.00/Head





Where to eat in Coron - jhanzey.net

Hands down to my favorite of it all — Altrove. Delicious handmade pizza, cooked on a brick oven, and prepared fresh by their chef, Altrove is definitely worth checking out. Tucked beneath the streets at Town, Altrove offers a dining experience that will satisfy your craving for Western food. The pizzas were freshly made and their menu has a great selection of Italian inspired dishes.

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Budget for a meal would be around PHP 200.00 / pax. They also serve imported beers and yummy cocktails!

Other Food Places to Check Out!

Prior our trip, Mark and I also had some initial research on places to eat. However, there are limited number of blogs and websites that offers a comprehensive guide about Coron, touring the place, and most especially, the food destinations. But based from what we’ve seen, here are also some of the other places that you could eat — especially if you’re big on seafood. The island boasts itself of its affordable and abundant supply of crabs, lobsters, and the like.



Where to eat in Coron - jhanzey.net

Photo from tripadvisor

Why it’s worth checking out: Affordable meals, delicious seafood selection

Must try: Tataki (Yellow Fin Tuna), Fish Curry


Where to eat in Coron - jhanzey.net
Photo from pusangkalye.net

Why it’s worth checking out: Beautiful ambiance, affordable food, generous servings

Must try: Cheap beers, sisig, and other comfort food


Where to eat in Coron - jhanzey.net

Photo from lakadpilipinas.com
Why it’s worth checking out: A+ Food

Must try: Baby Back Ribs



How about you? Have you ever been to Coron? What are your favorite food places there? Let me know on the comment section below! 🙂

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  1. All the foods looks very delicious. This post will come handy for the ones who’ll visit Coron soon.
    It’s really cool that they also offer Korean foods. Maybe there are also other restaurants out there that offer other cuisines because of the number of tourist visiting Coron.

  2. Nice to see that these places are really cool to eat, aside from variety of fishes, and bottom line lang naman talag kung minsan ay magkano at kung sulit ba. Judging from this post, it answered my question na sulit, mura at rapsa! 🙂

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