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Here’s to you, 2017

Every year, I try to come up with a year-ender post to culminate everything that had happened to me in the past 365 days. It’s usually just a list of the year’s highlights, as well as some of the things that I’ve been thankful for. I’ve been meaning to do […]

Where to Stay in Tagaytay: Containers by Eco Hotel

Just a two-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay is one of the most frequented vacation spots for ManileƱos looking for refuge from the busy city life. With a road trip that’s one for the books, this picturesque destination is a huge hit because of its accessibility and affordability. It also has […]

Learning How to Cook: The Loaded Baked Potato

While I love to eat, cooking isn’t something that I’ve perfected through the years. I can cook a little bit (thanks to online recipes) but there’s no better way to practice my skills than to put it into practice. I am a huge fan of potatoes and when I was […]

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