Ace Water Spa Experience

Hi guys! Since I’ve received a couple of questions from my last post about Ace Water Spa (mostly were about the price though), I decided to, well, write about our experience. It’s been weeks or months since I’ve had this drive to write, so please forgive me if I would bore you with details of

2013… So far.

Time flies so fast. It seems like yesterday when we’re all on a hype on celebrating the new year, but now, January’s already half-way on bidding goodbye, and I’m not quite sure if I was able to really make the most out of it. So far, work has treating me well, although I am mentally

This is not a new year’s resolution

Happy new year everybody! 2012 has been a very wonderful (and crazy!) year for me — graduating from college, having my first short lived job, finding adventures on the second one — and I have been thankful for everyone who has put up with all my shiznit through out the year, and that my friend,

Christmas Wishlist

Hola everybody! Christmas is fast approaching and people are hurrying over bazaars and malls to shop and choose presents for their loved ones. I know, this season is not about material things, but I guess this is that one season where we are allowed to drool over those expensive clothes and precious gadgets, wishing that

Quick Update

I don’t really know if people do care about me updating this blog or not, but nonetheless, I’ll tell you guys (whoever you are) how things are doing. I don’t really have a best friend or anything to give updates, so this blog would be the only one who could bear (and pretend maybe) to

Happier side of things

As you can see, most of my post are kind of depressing (well, I kinda find my mojo back on whenever I’ve been feeling sad, which explains all the “emotional” posts on this blog), but today, I’m going to share to you guys some happier thoughts from last Saturday. You see, last Saturday, I was


It’s been a while since I’ve been tagged by someone, and I’d like to thank GJ ( for tagging me! I used to love answering stuffs like this, but since I only have limited time to answer surveys/questionnaires, I stopped eventually. Anyway, here’s my answers! I hope you’ll know much more about me. Hihi. RULES: