I’m saying goodbye

Hello, blog. To say that you mean so much to me would be an understatement. This space has been a witness to the many phases of my life — from being an innocent and naive college freshie, to a corporate slave, and now, to being a full-time freelance writer. It […]

What Went Down at Blogapalooza 2015

Hi everyone! In case you’re wondering, I’m actually alive, and I have been trying to come up with a pretty decent post since last week. I’ve been having an off-again, on-again relationship with my blog, and I’m hating it — partly because I wanted to be consistent, and also because […]

Karnabal Festival 2015 Volunteer Experience

Last Sunday, I volunteered for Karnabal Festival as a photographer. Armed with my entry level camera, a borrowed lens, and a nervous heart, I traveled to Maginhawa and tried to help, capturing stills for various performances. It was a fun event to cover, as I really missed theater and art. […]

The Zombies are Coming: The Breakout PH Experience

I have always wanted to try Breakout PH ever since I saw a post at WheninManila early last year. Despite its proximity to my work and my apartment, I still haven’t found the time to drop by and try their escape rooms myself. Most of my friends are pre-occupied with work, […]

When Love Arrives: The Project VOICE Experience

When Love Arrives: The Project VOICE Experience “It started with a sweater.” (Origin Story, Phil Kaye & Sarah Kay) I discovered spoken word poetry when I was 17 years old. It was 2009. I was looking for a piece to perform for my speech communication class, and one of my […]