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Experiencing Baguio in 3D2N

A couple of months back, I had a chance to explore Baguio City the second time around. I got to reassess the city and create a new impression that was completely different from the last. Together with a handful of bloggers, we jumped in with our bags and experienced what the summer capital has to offer.

Exploring La Union for 3D2N

Last May, my friends and I decided to embark on an adventure in La Union. Since we really enjoyed our 2013’s trip to Baler, we decided that we wanted to try and enjoy surfing again this year. Known for its beautiful waves and laid back vibe, we decided that LU (as the fans of the

Explore Cebu in 3D2N (or less)

Late last year, I was so upset with the idea of Mark’s possible work abroad (which, thankfully, didn’t push through… yet) that I decided to impulsively book a flight going to Cebu. I asked Cza if she’d like to come, and she said yes in a heartbeat — which is definitely something that made me