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On Keeping the Love Alive

Happy Valentine’s everyone! I know that there are a couple of people from here and there that doesn’t like this day — some of which would blatantly tell the world how much they didn’t like this “holiday” by sharing quotes and funny stories of broken hearts and being single — but I hope that you know that

On Becoming A Professional Blogger

I would be a hypocrite if I tell you that I have never wanted to become a professional blogger. With all the perks and the idea of working for yourself, hundreds and hundreds of people are starting to sign up and flock the internet with their own little space, hoping to get noticed by brands

Life Lately - January

Life Lately: Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! I honestly can’t believe that we’re already on the second week of January. I mean, come on, where the heck did the days go? It just flew by like pfft and now we’re almost half way to the first month of 2016. I bet next time, I’d probably realize that I’m already about