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Gastronomical Adventures: Comida Chefs’ Gallery Cafe

As we toured around Caballete’s Art Gallery, we were also treated for a hearty meal at Comida Chefs’ Gallery Cafe, located at the second floor. It was a quaint little restaurant, embellished with nice lanterns and artsy decorations. The place isn’t all that big, and could accommodate roughly about 18 people (that’s already full house).

Gastronomical Adventures: Locavore

Kapitolyo is my second home. I am in love with the place, pretty much because it never fails to satisfy my love for new food, and because it’s a quiet place where you are free to run or walk around, and never get bothered by anyone (I live at “crazier” place where I can’t even

Gastronomical Adventures: Lucca

A couple of months back, my friends and I went to Lucca to spend some time together and play Cards Against Humanities. By the time that I wrote our “gaming” experience, I swore to myself that I would immediately write about my review for Lucca. But after taking sometime to think, I decided that tasting

Gastronomical Adventures: Egg-it Waffle Shop

A couple months back, Mark and I have been intrigued by a feature from the show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, which highlighted a hole-in-the-wall place in Kapitolyo that serves Hong Kong Styled waffles. We’ve been in Pasig for the past two years, and during those times, I personally had the chance to try majority of

Gastronomical Adventures: Brasas

A few weeks ago, Mark and I were looking for a new place to dine in. We have been on a constant search for a new place to eat — which pretty much explains our huge physique (hehe! Did that just rhyme?) Anyway, we were about to catch a movie at SM City The Block

Zark’s Burger: Sinfully Delicious!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last featured something on my blog, so I guess today would be a good time to share one of Mark and I’s gastronomic adventures in the past few weeks. Mark and I have always been on the look on which place to try. Mark is a huge