Gastronomical Adventures: Fatburger

There was a time in my life when my diet was completely taken over by burgers. I remember Mark and I visiting different burger joints, our dates filled with greasy patties served with greasier sides. Now that I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle (a.k.a. Lessening the junk that I […]

A Love Affair with Pho

Traveling by foot and seeing a destination is one thing, but exploring culture through taste and unfamiliar flavors is a whole new realm. This was something that I’ve learned during my short visit in Ho Chi Minh City – a city bustling with life, colors, and great food.

Gastronomical Adventures: Gyro V

I have always been a fan of trying new food. Although I started out with a very picky palette, I eventually improved through the years of constant exposure to new food. I’m no cook (how I wish that I was!) so my skills on deconstructing taste still needs a lot […]

Gastronomical Adventures: Chaplin

Chaplin, currently on its soft opening, is a restaurant that offers fusion dishes heavily inspired by the near east regions, most especially Israel. Serving different menus for breakfast and lunch, as well as fresh breads in the morning, there is more food to explore in this restaurant than most of what others are offering.

Gastronomical Adventures: Gringo

I have always been a fan of everything tex-mex. I love their distinguished use of herbs, that extra kick of spices, and everything that’s cheesy and delicious that comes to this type of dishes. Although I’ve only been to a couple of places in the metro, I always make it a […]