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The Sunday Currently Vol. 17

This weekend has been pretty slow. Well, honestly speaking, the past few weeks has been terrifyingly slow for me. I started a new job three weeks ago, and while the workload is something manageable, I find myself collapsing in bed once I got home, letting go (yet again) of the things that have kept me

The Sunday Currently Vol. 15

Woohoo! This weekend has been nothing but spectacular, spending the past two days hanging out with Mark, eating A LOT, taking photographs, and enjoying superb music at GoodVybes Festival. I am a HUGE fan of Chvrches and Passion Pit, and I love Stars and Oh Wonder equally, so I was so stoked to receive a text

The Sunday Currently Vol. 14

Hey everyone, happy December (we’re halfway through it, would you believe)! I haven’t been around for so many reasons, and despite the fact that there are so much to share and so much to talk about, I’ve let myself drift away from the blog because I felt like retreating from everything would help me pick

Sunday Currently: Vol. 13

Hey everyone! Breaking my travel posts with a quick update here in Laoag. Mark and I just had an opportunity to explore the beautiful Ilocos with SmartBro and Travel Factor for WheninManila. It’s a jam packed weekend but we definitely enjoyed going around and meeting new friends. We’re on our way back in a couple

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 12

The weekend has been nothing but awesome, forgetting about my responsibilities and finding myself enjoying the company of Mark. We ate a lot, watched movies, and spent the weekend reflecting about life and future plans. Made me wish that I could spend more time with him, more than anything else. Cray schedule is cray! CURRENTLY