Mixtape Monday: Blithe

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted for mixtape mondays, and I definitely missed it (I hope you do too!). The weekend has been tough for my boyfriend and I, being consumed by all the work to be done for the shirt business (we’re done with batch […]

Mixtape Mondays: Rewind!

Hi guys! Today is my last Monday of being unemployed, and the last Monday that I could watch Sailor moon in the morning (haha). I know, it’s really childish of me, but I can’t help but to give in to the temptation of watching my favorite cartoon in the morning. […]

Mixtape Mondays: Indomitable

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been out and about the last week. Been very busy brainstorming for my blog’s new look (as if!) and been pretty held up because of our crappy internet connection (thank you very much Bagyong Maring). Anyway, since it’s a Monday, it’s time for another one of […]

Mixtape Mondays: In Memoriam

Hi everyone! Since I’m already a free woman (a.k.a. officially unemployed until September), I thought of things that I could do to improve this blog. I’ve been thinking of twirking my layout and possibly adding themes on my posts. As I’ve told you guys before, I am an aspiring DJ […]