Mixtape Mondays: We Run This Show

In celebration of International Women’s month, Woman Create asks: “Why empower women”? I say, we must empower women because women are worth the power. For the longest time, women have been looked down just because they are born that way. For the longest time, women have been depicted as the lesser […]

Mixtape Mondays: Strums

Most of us dread Mondays because it means that we are back to facing our responsibilities, back to work load, back to dealing with all the shits that we only wish to get over with. Just like you, I feel the same way. As much as I try to convince […]

#The1975MNL + Mixtape Monday!

Last Saturday, my friends and I had a blast at The 1975’s concert in MOA Arena. Although I must admit, we were never the biggest fans of the band (we barely knew all of their songs), but we had fun dancing to their tunes, screaming like a real groupie, and […]

Mixtape Mondays: Morning Dance

Happy Monday everyone! After months of being MIA, I am finally back on creating Mixtapes for my Mondays! And what’s a better way than to make one that features songs that I love dancing to. I love dancing and I definitely adore music, so I think it’s the perfect theme. […]

Mixtape Mondays: Beach Party!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted a mixtape, and to kick off my first Monday as a 22 year old, I decided to make a collection of songs that make me feel like I wanna hit the dance floor. Now that the vacation has officially started […]

Mixtape Monday: Oh So Christmas-y!

Hi everyone! December is already here, and we all know that December is like the “Friday” of the year — everyone is looking forward to it and definitely excited for it. The festivities, the food, the happiness that simple celebrations made us feel — December is definitely a month to […]