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Life Lately: Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! I honestly can’t believe that we’re already on the second week of January. I mean, come on, where the heck did the days go? It just flew by like pfft and now we’re almost half way to the first month of 2016. I bet next time, I’d probably realize that I’m already about

Life Lately

The past few days has been all about… Quality time with Mark Pinto Art Museum Exploration Reflections with D Danna’s Despedida Minions Photo Op Us the Duo Live Coping up at work The cycle of failing and realigning life goals Surviving and soldiering on Life has been quite a whirlwind the past few weeks, maybe

Life Lately

I have been meaning to write a “Life Lately” post since forever, but since my life isn’t as eventful, I kept on pushing it back. Anyway, since I feel like there is a lot of things going on, I honestly think that now is the best time to post this. Yay. So here’s what I