Awards Season: VMA 2014

This weekend, a whole lot of awards and recognition have been given to their rightful owners. One of my favorite awards will always be the VMAs, it featuring one of my favorite things in the world — music. With all the glitz and glamour and happenings during the night, there […]

World Cup Feels

Hi everyone! It’s the start of the World Cup Season, and after following the first four games for this season, I could definitely say that I finally get why people get so addicted and high with all the matches and goals. I am never really a fan of sports, but […]

Living The Adventure at Laboracay!

We need some adventure in our lives every now and then. I am not the adventurous and active type, but last labor day weekend, I realized that I wanted to change my life and try to YOLO everyday instead of always being inside my comfort zone. 24: Live the Adventure […]