Must-Try Food in Hawaii

There are a few things that make my heart overwhelmingly happy and some of them are the beach and good food. Hawaii is best known for its adventurous spots, gorgeous beaches, and amazing hospitality. I mean, who would ever say no to staying in holiday homes in Hawaii? You guys, […]

Gastronomical Adventures: Fatburger

There was a time in my life when my diet was completely taken over by burgers. I remember Mark and I visiting different burger joints, our dates filled with greasy patties served with greasier sides. Now that I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle (a.k.a. Lessening the junk that I […]

Proactiv Solution: Initial Thoughts

I suffered early from acne. For a young girl, having uncontrollable breakouts were the worst — it definitely made me feel less of myself, and it had triggered a lot of unhappy memories. It took a long time for it to subside, maybe because puberty, and a huge factor is also […]