Arlington, VA: A Historical City of American Pride

Virginia is the birthplace of some of the most influential people in American history. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, and Wilson all came from this state. In addition to its long list of distinguished personalities, Virginia is also home to great landmarks that will remind you of your love […]

Visiting Singapore – A City Guide

Disclaimer: This post is originally from IHG’s Singapore Destination Guide Modern, prosperous and dynamic, Singapore is a global hub for finance, high-tech industry, and international trade. If you’re visiting on holiday, it’s a shopper’s haven and a foodie’s dream, with gleaming malls and a legendary food scene that takes in […]

London Travel Tips

Disclaimer: This post is originally from IHG’s London Travel Tips London offers a wealth of art and culture, trendy shops and global dining opportunities on both sides of the River Thames. Its thriving entertainment scene ranges from theatres and concerts to clubs and comedy venues. When the excitement gets too much, […]

Proactiv Solution: Initial Thoughts

I suffered early from acne. For a young girl, having uncontrollable breakouts were the worst — it definitely made me feel less of myself, and it had triggered a lot of unhappy memories. It took a long time for it to subside, maybe because puberty, and a huge factor is also […]

The Sweater Weather Wish List!

I must admit, I am not the most fashionable woman out there. I may have my own sense of style, but I usually stick to the basics instead of experimenting and going out of my way to try and make sense of eccentric pieces (that may be equally attractive to […]