Birthday Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Some of you might not know it, but April is actually my birthday month. So to celebrate, I will be having my first ever giveaway! Yaaaaaas! I have been blogging for the longest time, but I never really had the chance to host my own giveaway, and moreover, […]

Thoughts: How I Met Your Mother Finale

Disclaimer: This post contains SPOILERS and a lot of intense feelings. Okay, first off, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. I have been a loyal fan of the show since 2009 and I know that this might happen, but still, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. Nine years of character development, seasons of building […]

Series Review: Orphan Black

Hi everyone! I know some of you might not know it, but I used to be such a huge fan of different TV series when I was in college. It was my way of releasing stress and boosting my creativity. It entertains me but at the same time, it challenges […]

Who is Diego?

I have no idea how I found myself browsing this kid’s facebook account, but boy, ain’t he entertaining. So you might be wondering, who is this kid Diego I’m talking about? Well, I am talking about this guy: Isn’t he just the most adorable kid in the world? Earlier this […]

To Moving Forward!

Hi guys! So as you might have read on my previous post, I had to deal with a lot of emotions with regards to losing my job (technically, resigning) and finding myself lost yet again. As of now, I’m still unemployed, but despite the fact that I might be broke […]

What now?

I haven’t been blogging lately because all energy has been sucked out by work, which I have left just a few days ago. If you’ve been reading my blog, I have had a series of bad record for jumping from one work to another. And today, I just found myself […]