Must-Try Food in Hawaii

There are a few things that make my heart overwhelmingly happy and some of them are the beach and good food. Hawaii is best known for its adventurous spots, gorgeous beaches, and amazing hospitality. I mean, who would ever say no to staying in holiday homes in Hawaii? You guys, that is the dream. But of course, all destinations are better explored by indulging all your senses.

With its rich culture and history, it is no doubt that there are a lot of amazing food to explore in this state. With the influx of tourists, among many other factors, fusion dishes started to boom in the area, offering a new dimension of good food for people visiting the state. Here are some of the food that’s you truly cannot miss when you visit the islands:


There are very few who don’t love a hot cup of noodles after a long day at the beach surfing the waves. Saimin is the Hawaii version of soupy noodles. It combines the flavors of Japan, China, and the Philippines and presents a yummy delicious bowl of goodness that represents the crossing of Asian Cuisine. This is one of the specialty dishes in the Hawaiin Islands.

A big bowl of fresh fruits goodness

There are some fresh fruits that are grown in the islands. The fruits like pineapple and passion fruit are some of the typical fruits of the region. There cannot be anything as sweet as freshly plucked and cut fruits. These types of fruit bowls are a common scene in the beaches of Hawaii and in the buffet breakfasts of the resorts that serve multiple variations of fruits as a part of their cuisine.

Chicken long rice

The glass noodles otherwise known as clear mung bean noodles are boiled and kept aside. The chicken stew is prepared and the glass noodles are soaked in the noodles. The stew has a higher concentration of ginger in it and that gives a strong ginger essence. This is a fusion recipe for America and China. This is eaten as a separate food item in a bowl or it is served along with other items as a part of lunch platter.

Lomi Lomi Salmon

This is a very famous fish recipe in the islands of Hawaii. Salmon fish is preferred for this dish due to the less bonny structure of this fish. The fish is sautéed with the mixture of onions and tomatoes. The red chili peppers give it a hot texture. This is a very common dish in the islands. The reason is very obvious owing to the aplenty of fishes found in that particular region.

Poke and Tako

Poke is nothing but the fish mostly salt-water fish like tuna which is not sliced like how it is done for Japanese dishes like Sushi but it is cubed. The poke is shown variations with the marinates that is used for the fish. The most common marinade is soy sauce. The fish is served along with a sautéed seaweed plant called limu. The Tako is prepared in the same method as that of Poke with the only difference that Tako is made using octopus. This dish is topped using cooked rice.

Kalua Pig

The Kalua Pig is nothing but pork that is slow cooked over a long period of time in an underground oven. The smoky flavor in itself serves as a condiment to the dish. One need not use any sauces like that served in the United States of America’s dishes. The slow cooked tender pork is shredded and seasoned with salt and pepper and then served. This is one of the signature dishes of the Hawaiin Islands.

Poi and LauLau

Taro is a common starchy vegetable that is found in the Pacific region. The Taro is more or less similar to potato or yam except for the fact that like turnip or radish taro has leaves attached to it. This is the energy providing vegetable owing to the fact that other carb-loaded vegetables only have to be imported in the islands.
Poi is prepared by steaming or baking the taro and then mashing it. The mashed taro is added with some water and a thick paste is made out of it. The freshly ground taro has more taste when compared to that of powdered taro that is sold in the markets.

LauLau is prepared by stuffing in the pork or any meat that is rolled with taro root leaves and cooked in the underground oven. The flavor of the taro root leaves combines with the smoky meat that has some marinades in it is such a delight to the taste buds.

Plate Lunch

The plate lunch typically consists of cooked rice, some pieces of grilled meat and macaroni salad. This is one common lunch platter that is found all over the place.

Shave Ice

The Shaven Ice topped with syrups of one’s choice is a must try in the tropical climate of the region. The shaven ice can also accompany some ice creams, beans and other toppings of one’s choice.

Loco Moco

This type of food coma is found all over the world. Plain Cooked rice with crispy textured hamburger patty with a fried egg on top of it. And the entire dish soaked in a tasty gravy is definitely a hit among global tourists.

Acai Bowl

The Acai berries are commonly found in the Hawaiin Islands. The Acai berries topped with granola, honey and other fruits of one’s choice makes a healthy choice for breakfast before diving into the ocean.

The list of dishes is native to the group of Islands and it is a must try during one’s holiday session to the islands.

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