Christmas Wishlist from UncommonGoods!

If you are following me on Instagram, then you would know that I am a huge advocate of sustainable and mindful living. The world is quickly becoming a huge wasteland, and while I couldn’t stop companies from producing plastics and other materials that would end up as trash, I have decided to proactively choose what I consume. Thus, in the spirit of Christmas and gift-giving, I am choosing to buy items that would support my personal advocacy.

As I look for possible online shops that support my cause, I ended up stumbling upon UncommonGoods. UncommonGoods is a site that sells a variety of sustainable products that would be perfect as gifts this Christmas season. Aside from their sustainable goods, the company itself aims to push sustainability on their decision making and focuses on becoming a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible business.

I browsed around their gift section and there are a lot of nice products that would definitely be a good gift… for me. Hehe! I’m not one who likes to shop for myself, but I definitely love to receive gifts. Here are some of my top picks that I bet would be perfect for your loved ones, too!


  • This convertible travel pillow / infinity scarf that will be perfect for trips and flights:


  • This comfortable looking upcycled cotton sari robe:


  • This cool yoga mat made from recycled wetsuits (how cool is that):


  • This recycled wine glasses… because everyone needs a nice wine glass at home:

  • And lastly, this cool looking bookends made from recycled records:


What do you guys think? Did you like my picks? If you’re interested to know more about these products, make sure to visit their site,! 🙂

Disclosure: This post is created in collaboration with UncommonGoods.

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