Life Lately: Endings and Beginnings

Disbelief (noun): the inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real; the perfect way to capture how I feel about life lately.

OH. MY. LORD. I cannot believe that we’re entering the last quarter (!!!) of the year!

How time flies, right? It just feels like yesterday when we greeted the start of 2017, and now, we’re counting down the days until we wrap up another crazy year.

Ten months down the drain… did I really achieve anything? By now, I should’ve ticked most of my 2017 goals, but with the recent turn of events, I ended up being at the bottom and scrambling to start my life again. If you’re following me on Twitter or if you’ve seen my latest Youtube upload, then you’ll know that I’ve just left my corporate job and traded it for “freedom“. It’s not that I hate what I was doing or I had issues with the people (in fact, I love them all), but it’s just that I felt like I’ve hit a wall and I couldn’t move past unless I take another route. And so, I packed my things, filed my resignation, and took the road heading to the unknown. It’s been two weeks since I officially left work, and to be honest, I’m at a lost on where to go next, but I’m not regretting any of my choices. For now, I’m just trying my hands on doing freelance projects to keep me afloat. I know that I should figure things out, but I suppose it’ll just come naturally in the coming months as I go along this new journey.

Aside from freelancing, what have I been up to, you ask? Well, to be honest, life lately has been all about saying YES. Saying yes to stuffing my face with good food, saying yes to random meet-up with friends, saying yes to doing the things that I used to love. True to what most people have told me, the universe did provide. And I’m more than thankful for these unexpected blessings that kept on going my way.

As of the moment, I’m still adjusting a lot, especially with time management and prioritizing. My sleeping pattern is also fucked up and I haven’t established my ‘routine’ in terms of dealing with work. Although I’m somehow pressured to get my shit together and get the hang of my new life, I don’t feel as stressed as before. Parts of me are internally panicking about the year ending and my time-wasting skills, but as weird as this sounds… I feel relatively calm and ready to face whatever’s going to happen. I guess I’m just too tired to feel helpless anymore. For a long time, it’s the only emotion that I know and being able to regain some control over my life has been an empowering experience. It’s more than enough to keep me going and to make me feel grateful for how my days are unfolding.

Some may say that I’m a lost cause, but I guess I still have some time to turn things around. We still have 92 days before 2018. And I promise that I’ll make it count.


Watch as I document my first week of being a freelancer! Click the video below 🙂


4 thoughts on “Life Lately: Endings and Beginnings

  1. I feel you with that “time-wasting” skills. Hahaha! What’s up, Jhanz!? Trying to catch up with your latest posts. Been a bit busy dealing with ‘real life’ lately. Congratulations for trading your corporate job with FREEDOM! It maybe scary (at first) but chasing after what you REALLY want is SO worth it. Good to know that you got other things to do that would keep you afloat. Take your time, find your pace. When you are ready, you will start hustling again. 🙂

    Stay wild and free!

  2. I love the music and the editing of your vid. New subscriber here! 🙂 Good luck with your freelance work and I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for out of life <3

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