Noteworthy: Booking our Valentine’s Staycation with Traveloka App

I am a huge fan of staycations. As someone who’s tied up with work, there are times when I couldn’t afford to go on a trip, and staycations have become my go-to form of escape. This is perfect for me as my boyfriend and I love staying. We’re the type of couple who can stay holed up in our room, watching stupid movies, eating junk food, and putting on face masks on one another. This type of bonding is something that I treasure a lot, and while we can do it at Mark’s place, it still feels nice to indulge and be luxurious every once in a while. Mark and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s, but for this year, we ended up booking and somehow “celebrating” the holiday in Discovery Suites in Pasig, all thanks to the Traveloka App.


Mark and I at Discovery Suite’s swimming area


A new contender in the “traveler favorites” category, Traveloka is a convenient app that lets you book flights and hotels with just a couple of clicks. While I know that the market is a bit saturated with these things, what attracted me the most about Traveloka is their big discounts and promos available for new and existing users. They regularly release discount offers that are perfect for frequent travelers and first-time users are treated with surprise vouchers. I’m not a regular traveler, but having options when it comes to booking is just too convenient to pass up.




City Guide for our hotel booking in Discovery Suites

One of the things that I loved about the app is its helpful city guides, making it easier for us to choose where to stay. The app shows a map when you open the hotel page and determine how far the top attractions are from the accommodation that you’re considering. Gone are the days when you mistakenly book places that are far away from civilization! Through the app, you can easily determine if the hotel that you’re looking at is easily accessible and if it’s commuter friendly. Mark and I don’t own cars, and we opt to use public transport more than booking an Uber or a GrabCar. Accessibility is something that we always try to consider when booking a place for our staycations, and this feature is just perfect.


Change that destination tab to “hotels near you” for easier search!

We also loved the “hotels near you” option, where the app would automatically determine good places within your area with just one click. This is ultimately helpful for those who are traveling spontaneously and would need some help on booking places immediately.


Traveloka - Discovery Suites

Nice facilities, good ratings and reviews, and a great location — perfect staycation venue!

Mark ended up staying in Discovery Suites in Ortigas as it was a perfect place to get lazy. The amenities were amazing, the location was great (just in front of Podium and a few minutes away from SM Megamall, Robinson’s Galleria, Capitol Commons, and Kapitolyo area), and the deal was tempting. We called it a steal and off we went to stay inside a fancy room overlooking the city district. We couldn’t be thankful enough for the opportunity, all thanks to Traveloka.


While the app is relatively new in the market, it shows a promising future ahead of it. Aside from hotels, Traveloka also offers flight bookings and discounts, making it a one-stop shop for travelers. What’s better than getting almost all that you need with just one app, right?
Interested? You can download the Traveloka app on Apple App Store or Google Play so you can experience it yourself! If you have any interesting app/websites that I should check out? Comment it below and I’d love to know! 🙂

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  1. I already heard about the app before but was so scared of booking through it. I might click something and I would mess up. So we opted to book directly. Sayang yung discounts 🙁 Next time we’ll try it na since you had good review about the app 🙂 Thank you!

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