8 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Traveling the world doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to explore the corners of the Earth on a budget. You’ve got to be prepared to make some compromises and put the work in, though. Here are eight top tips for traveling on a budget:

1. Be prepared to travel at inconvenient times

To get a real bargain on flights, you’ve got to be willing to take seats on the less popular flights. You know the ones – they leave either really early in the morning or late at night. Remember, by traveling overnight you’ll also save money on accommodation.

2. Don’t leave it to the last minute

You’ll have plenty of time to relax when you’re away – get on with researching and booking early to get the best deals. It might be tempting to hang on for last-minute offers but they’re not guaranteed. You’ve better off taking advantage of early-bird specials and looking out for sales.

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3. Learn when to haggle

Learning when to negotiate prices down could save you a fortune. We suggest trying it out with hotels in low season. Offer to pay cash, ask for an upgrade or request a better rate for staying extra nights, for instance.

4. Prioritize what you want to see

Unfortunately, unless you have an infinite amount of time traveling, you won’t be able to see it all. You’ve got to prioritize your favorite attractions and activities. Stonehenge, for example, features on many people’s bucket list but British people tend to say it’s a wasted trip. Choose the places you don’t want to miss.

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5. Get fit and walk places

Save yourself a fortune by avoiding taxis and buses. Where possible, use your legs and walk. The additional benefit is you’ll quickly get fit.

6. Try unconventional accommodation

Look into couch-surfing, home stays or house-swaps to save money on accommodation. You might not even have to pay a penny and you’ll be invited into their homes and meet the family – pets and all.

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7. Be prepared to get a part-time job

You can top up your budget by getting a job while traveling. Common part-time jobs for travelers include bartenders, au pairs, working at hostels and ESL teaching. Once you know your route, check out the countries with the best working holiday visa programs and put in a request in advance.

8. Cook your own food

Head to the local supermarket and see if you can make a decent meal out of the goods on offer. You might struggle the first time – but after a while, you’ll become an expert putting together the wonderful tastes of other countries. Even if you just do it for lunches, you’ll save yourself money.



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  1. #5 – YES. I may not identify as a budget traveler (there are a few comforts I just can’t give up). but in-city transportation is the one aspect of my trips that I spend the least on. It doesn’t hurt that the places I’ve been to are great cities for walking. I also find that it’s a lot less confusing to walk with Google Maps, than to figure out where the buses go and taxis are expensive. Trains are okay, too, since the drop-offs are impossible to miss.

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