Laoag Sand Dunes: Adventure Time in the North

For our last day in Ilocos, our team went off to witness the beautiful sunrise atop the Laoag Sand Dunes. While many are familiar with the more famous Paoay Sand Dunes, Laoag has its own version located at Barangay La Paz, offering a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea. Apparently, this was more famous as a television and film location, with Panday and Mad Max (the older version) shooting in the area.

Laoag Sand Dunes -

Quick pose at our 4×4 (Photo credit: Kuya Driver)

Since we were to catch the sunrise, our call time was nothing but early. We peeled ourselves from bed at 5:00 AM, took a quick shower, gulped down some morning coffee, and off we went to the dunes. While it was interesting to see the view on our way to the dunes, Mark and I decided to take quick naps instead (we’re obviously not a morning person). It took us roughly 30-minutes from our hotel to the dunes itself.

Laoag Sand Dunes -

Quick stop by the beach

According to our guide, the sand dunes are somehow the same as deserts, thus, it would be best to explore the area early in the morning or late at noon. The dunes are located right beside the beach, and it’s mesmerizing how everything just blends in perfectly. Imagine dryland and all sorts of sand swirling around, and then seeing a large body of water when you finally arrive at the top — it was definitely a perfect dramatic scene for an action/adventure flick.

Laoag Sand Dunes -

Featuring my morning face

While the sunrise and the hilltops sound fun and relaxing, the way to go around the dunes was definitely adrenaline pumping. You would be asked to stand up behind a 4×4 jeep, holding on for your dear life (no seat belts!) as you go up and down the hills, which ranges from 10-meter to a whopping 30-meter dip. It was fun, but I could definitely feel my stomach going around. The adrenaline was rushing through my veins (I felt like I was riding the anchors away!), and I was laughing all the way as we went around the ‘course’.

Laoag Sand Dunes -

The Sand Boarding Area

The last stop of the tour was the slope area for sand boarding. We were given unlimited trials, which was a great deal if you have a leg power of a horse. I was not sure of how tall the slope was, but I clearly remember how much of a struggle going up was. There were bamboo stilts that you can hold on to, but it was not enough for you to easily haul yourself up again. Imagine running by the beach. Now imagine doing that but instead you’re climbing up a 10 or 20-meter slope. That was a hell of an effort, I tell you. I was able to try standing up and sitting down on the board (sitting down was way more convenient, obviously) and gave up after 5 or 6 tries. I tell you, my legs were aching by the end of it.

Laoag Sand Dunes -

Photo from top of the Sand Boarding Area

If you are paying a visit to Ilocos, I highly recommend that you drop by at the Laoag Sand Dunes. It’s a very thrilling and exhilarating experience, and I know that you won’t regret it. Although you’d definitely have to face your fear of heights if you’re about to try this (spoiler alert: it’s worth it).


Laoag Sand Dunes -

Laoag Sand Dunes

Barangay Talingaan, Barangay Lapaz, Ventura, Laoag, Ilocos Norte


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8 thoughts on “Laoag Sand Dunes: Adventure Time in the North

  1. This looks so much fun! I’ve been meaning to visit Ilocos for quite some time now. But I don’t have anyone to join me to this travel. I don’t have any plans to go on a solo trip any time soon. LOL! It looks sunny, is it hot there, or not really?

  2. We’ve tried 4×4 and sandboarding in Paoay Sand Dunes. We decided to do it in Paoay because most of my friends recommended it, and almost everything’s just sand and we liked it. In short, ayaw namin sa Laoag kasi may trees, grass, etc. Haha ang choosy lang. We went on sunset, because yes, we’re also not morning persons hahaha

    But I bet the experience is as thrilling! Naloka ako nung wala ngang seatbelt! I was like, “grabe, di nga ako sumasakay ng roller coaster, tapos eto ganto, wala pang seatbelt!” It was too late to backout hahahaha

    Ang saya din nung sandboarding pero tama nakakapagod umakyat! Hahaha

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