Eye Check: 6 Months After My LASIK Procedure

Time flies so fast when you’re all occupied with life, right? It has already been six months since I had my LASIK procedure, and I still can’t believe that I’ve been living glasses-free since then. I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life seeing the world behind my good old’ spectacles, and I still can’t  wrap my head around the fact that I’m finally free from it.

Whenever I tell people that I underwent a LASIK procedure, most of them would ask me these two questions: (1) if my eyes are still 20/20 even after six months, and (2) if my eyes would go back to its old grade as years go by. Well, as of the moment, yes, my eyes are still 20/20, and nope, it won’t go back to the way it was before.

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Enjoying the beach sans the glasses! (Calaguas, May 2016)

I know many people are still hesitant to get their eyes treated, but honestly, this procedure has drastically changed how my life has been and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I was lucky enough to land a good doctor and an amazing team, letting me experience a hassle free procedure. I was very well taken care of all throughout, from the screening process up to the follow-up check-ups. I cannot stress how thankful I am for the people from The Medical City for all the help and guidance that they’ve given to me while I go through these challenging (and very exciting!) moments.

Although I know well enough that my eyes are in good hands, after the procedure, part of me still feels a bit terrified with the idea of my eyesight going back to how it was before. I know that there’s nothing to be afraid of, but just to be sure, I also take extra precautions to keep it as healthy as possible.

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I’m wearing shades and actually seeing things! (Hundred Islands, October 2016)

As someone whose job is dependent on using a computer, I really couldn’t help myself from straining my eyes from too much screen time. As much as I hope I could work away from screens, most of my job really requires me to communicate through e-mails and everything online, so I didn’t have much of a choice. To make up for all these hours, I make sure that my eyes would get a bit of a rest every now and then. I would take breaks every 20 minutes (much like the Pomodoro technique), giving my eyes some time to breathe by looking away from the screen. Apparently, using screens too much can result in dryness, which makes our eyes get tired faster. Since I had a LASIK procedure, I am required to keep my eyes lubricated to keep the flaps from sticking in (imagine contact lenses), thus, the extra effort of letting them rest.

During my last check-up, I was also advised to apply hot compress every morning and before going to bed because my eyes are producing oil from too much computer usage. Though this was intended to help my eyes recover and to lessen the oil production, the hot compress is also quite relaxing (you guys should try it!). This has also helped me to get rid of the stinging sensation that I’d usually get whenever I use my laptop for long durations.

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Best feeling in the world: Going around and exploring places without glasses (Bohol, 2016)

One of the things that I also make sure to follow is to avoid reading whenever I’m lying down or whenever I’m in a badly lit area. Though this has been my habit before, I make sure to stop myself every time because I’m afraid that my eyes would be so tired, I’d end up having a hard time with my sight again. I’ve asked my doctor about it before, and although it doesn’t directly affect your eyesight, the strain that it causes can actually be a factor in any possible changes on your eye grades.

Having a clear vision is euphoric, and I owe it all to my procedure. For a frequent traveler like me, this has been the greatest gift of all, giving me back the freedom of going on adventures without the fear of not seeing things. LASIK is a life changer and I would forever be grateful to have been given a chance to experience it.


Lasik Procedure - jhanzey.net


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  1. I know someone who is contemplating whether he should get a lasik procedure or not. I’ll share this to post to him! I’m glad everything turned out well. It looks like a scary procedure!

  2. Is this procedure expensive? I really miss not having to wear eyeglasses. And yes, it is pretty hard to wear sunglasses these days. Everything’s blurry without my eyeglasses on 🙁

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