The Wild Flower: What’s with the Name Change

For the longest time, this blog has been called ‘The Yellow Pad Chronicles’, which is my homage to my non-stop doodling and writing on yellow pads. Although this blog title would always hold a special place in my heart, I felt like I needed to start anew so I could bring back my writing mojo. I’ve been slipping in and out of this blog for so long, and I thought that making small changes would be a great way to jumpstart what was lost.

It took me three days to come up with the new name. Since my blog does not follow a particular niche, all I needed to do was to look inward and try to think of a phrase that would capture the content that I was sharing. My blog is actually a mishmash of all things that interest me — food, travel, movies, and occasionally, brain pickings that I’ve come across on and off the road. Initially, I thought of using “At My Pace” as my new blog title because most of my content really tackle my inconsistent pacing in life. Something about didn’t feel right, though, so I asked Cza for help.

The first thing that she suggested was “Wandering Wallflower”, which was something that I really liked, although I’d like to think that I’ve already gotten past being a wallflower. I’m no longer as shy as I used to be, and even if there are still numerous times when I feel like I’m staying on the sidelines watching things happen, I’ve long decided to be more proactive in life. I wanted to embrace every experience and learning that I could get my hands on. Thus, I decided to make a pass on becoming the wallflower.

When Cza and I were discussing the idea, I mistakenly said: “wildflower” instead of “wallflower”. It had a nice ring to it, Wandering Wild Flower, but I felt like it has a lot of travel blogger vibe. Not that I don’t want to be a travel blogger (God knows how much I love to travel), but I just felt like I wanted to capture my life both in and out of the road. Now that I’m working full-time, I could no longer go out there and frolick in the sun as much as I used to. Thus, I dropped the word wander and stuck to ‘Wild Flower’.

Why wildflower, you ask?

Actually, I looked up meanings of the word on the internet, and most dictionaries share the same definition: a wildflower is a plant that grows without the need of nourishment from humans. I’m not like that (as the saying goes, no man is an island), but I’d like to think that I’m the type of person who seeks growth no matter the adversities and challenges are.

I don’t believe in the idea of ‘blooming where you are planted’. What if you’re always on the move? Or what if you wanted to go through a new path, a place where flowers were not supposed to grow? What if your ideas and goals do not necessarily follow the way how things are? How will you bloom if you were never planted in the first place?

A wildflower was never supposed to be where it is — it was never planted but it sprung out of the soil bringing unexpected beauty. I’d like to think that I’m like that too, that I could bring beauty to places even if it’s not usually the way it is. I guess in many ways, I really am a wildflower — I never wanted to be caged, and I wanted to make things happen even if it doesn’t really seem possible.

Welcome to the new chapter of my blog. I hope things would go well.

4 thoughts on “The Wild Flower: What’s with the Name Change

  1. Congratulations on the new blog’s name. It’s really a challenge thinking of a new name for a blog. I also had a hard time having mine. So like what you’ve said, I looked at my inner self and it just popped out. Hihi 🙂

  2. “A wild flower was never supposed to be where it is — it was never planted but it sprung out of the soil bringing unexpected beauty.”

    I love this part Jhanz! I think it really describes you and your lifestyle~ hihi! 🙂 I will refer to you now as THE WILD FLOWER!

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