Life Lately: I just got back from Bohol!

After more than 3 months of staying in the city and hustling my way around life, I finally got my much-needed beach break. Last Thursday, Mark and I packed our bags and flew to Bohol. For four days, we frolicked under the sun (hello sunburns!), stayed by the beach, and met amazing people.

Our trip was simple and straightforward — all we wanted was a cheap getaway from the city and a time off from all the things that have kept us busy. We stayed in a small cabana at a hostel that we’ve stumbled upon on Agoda (I’ll share more details next time) located 10 minutes from the Libaong Beach. It wasn’t the most luxurious place to stay, but it was definitely an amazing one, with hammocks and good food and great people.

Bohol 2016 -

Random snap of Mark while roaming around in Bohol


Unlike most of my previous trips, Bohol was more laid back and spontaneous. We didn’t have much budget to get on a lot of tours, and our busy schedules hindered us from creating an itinerary that would let us cover all possible destinations on the island. Despite that, we still had a grand time, going around at our pace, relaxing and lying down on the island’s fine sand whenever we feel like it. Our trip wasn’t packed with destinations, but it was more than enough to rejuvenate ourselves and experience one of the best vacations.

I’m now back in Manila, and honestly, it amazes me how I feel unfazed with all the things that I have to finish for work. For someone who has always been perpetually anxious on responsibilities and things that have to be done, this is definitely one of those rare moments when I feel like I’m ready.

Bohol 2016 -

Chilling by the beach


It’s funny how traveling, good amount of sleep, and being with great people can actually make a whole lot of impact on how you perceive and do things. Facebook just reminded me that this same day last year, I was working my ass off for a project that I never got any recognition from. I passed out a day before the event and I needed to go to the emergency room, but despite that, I still received countless of calls, asking me if I can still come to work the next day. I was sleep deprived and haven’t eaten properly for roughly 10 days, doing things that were supposed to be done by three people, and my boss would still get mad at me for not being able to tick off all the items on my to do. It’s funny how time and healing have helped me become a better person. Looking back, my situation today is definitely way better than where I was before, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


This was the unhealthy me from last year. An obvious change, am I right?

Oh life, such a funny, playful, and crazy thing that we all have to deal with.

How about you guys? How have you been? Any recent trips and all that jazz? Share it with me below! Reading comments has always been something that perks me up, so I’d definitely love to know what you guys have been up to.Β Cheers!

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