Cape Bojeador Lighthouse: A Quick Glimpse from the Past

Cape Bojeador

Exploring the beauty of Ilocos has always been on my bucket list. I’m a sucker for everything beautiful and historical, and I knew Ilocos was just the place for me. The province pretty much has everything that I want — from amazing food (Bagnet! Empanada!) to gorgeous beaches, to colorful architecture and adventure spots — Ilocos surely caught my heart from the first moment that I step foot on it.

I was given the chance to explore both Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur for three days and two nights to cover for WheninManila. I was fortunate enough to travel with Mark, along with the amazing people from Smart and Travel Factor. I couldn’t stress this enough but this trip was totally one for the books.

For three days and two nights, we stayed in a hotel in Laoag and went around the province in a private van. Cape Bojeador was one of the first stops that we visited during the trip and it did not disappoint.

Cape Nojeador -


Quick History!

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse, is a cultural heritage structure established way back in the Spanish Colonial Era. It first operated on March 30, 1892, and still functions as a welcoming beacon to international ships entering the Philippine Archipelago today. (Source)


Cape Bojeador -

With the Ilocos Gang

Our Cape Bojeador Experience

Cape Bojeador has long become one of the top destinations when touring around Ilocos. Since it has attracted tons of tourists in the past, the government has extended its efforts on refurbishing and repainting the lighthouse. Compared to creepy yet beautiful photos that I’ve seen prior our visit, the lighthouse looks amazingly well taken care of today. White walls and better walkways, the government’s effort to restore the place has been fruitful and well appreciated by visitors who chose to drop by the lighthouse.

As usual, the place was packed with people when we stop by the area. There were a lot of ‘instagrammable’ places in the lighthouse, but the chances of you taking the perfect OOTD is quite small. Since people are literally lining up to take photos, Mark and I weren’t able to take any proper snaps. I only managed to get a goofy photo that doesn’t even pass the quality for Instagram:

Cape Bojeador -

Either way, I still loved checking out every nook and cranny of the lighthouse, exploring small rooms of what used to house the caretakers of the place.

Aside from windows and doors, the place also boasts a majestic view of the West Philippine Sea. Going up would take you a bit of an effort as the stairs aren’t something that’s easy to conquer, but it’s worth it, anyway.

Cape Bojeador -

With its age and history, one thing that I’m itching to know about Cape Bojeador is its stories. I know there’s no way that I could find out about this, but I’m still curious. How many ships has it guided to safety? How many deaths and hopes and events has it witnessed? It has been up and about for more than a hundred years, and I know that it could’ve been home to many, many stories.

If only its walls could speak, I wonder what will it tell me? Will it tell me tales of love and engagement, happening within its vast area? Will it tell me sonnets of heartbreaks and arguments and misunderstandings? If its walls really capture memories, then I hope it had captured Mark and I’s awe of its beauty. I hope it won’t remember how annoyed I was with some tourists, though. :p

Cape Bojeador -

Touristy photo (a.k.a. the photo I wish Cape Bojeador’s walls would remember)

We ended our short tour with a delicious ice scramble, sold near the parking lot. It was a crazy hot day, and there was nothing better to devour than something sweet, cold, delicious, and pink.

Cape Bojeador -


How about you? Have you ever been to Ilocos? Will be posting more about my Ilocos Trip (finally) in the coming days!

Cape Bojeador -

View from the top 



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