Let’s Catch Up: The Struggle to Write is Real

Yep, I am still alive. I know I’ve promised to write more in my past posts, but for some reason, I just can’t seem to find the energy to draft new content for my blog. I feel like I would almost always wind back to social media when I have a free time just because everything is much faster through those channels. In one snap, I get to update people. Through 140 characters, I can already express my thoughts (read: frustration) on Baghdad, extra-judicial killings, Bastille Day, and Turkey. As sad as it sounds, I am apparently glued to my phone whenever I’m alone. It sucks A LOT, but I would usually find myself reaching out to it whenever I can. I’m planning to go on a social media detox for a week or two, just because I feel like I needed intervention on using my phone excessively.

I am seriously embarrassed writing this down, but I guess it’s about time to actually address my issue. I feel like I’ve been idling long enough (read: more than a month) and I need to finally do something about it. If there’s one thing that I’m proud of myself, it’s that I don’t use my phone when my family or friends are around. Apparently, I still know how to socialize wink, wink. Also, I’m not that rude, y’all.

Well, aside from being extra attached to my phone, here are some of the other things that I’ve been up to! I hope to write these in details if time permits. We will see.

I’m addicted to Hamilton!


I’ve been seeing it on my twitter feed for a long while, and a couple of weeks ago, I decided to listen to it for myself. Obviously, I fell in love, and together with thousands of its fans, I rejoiced when they won a bunch of Tony’s. Seriously, it is A M A Z I N G, and I am obsessed. I have come to a point in my life where I would spend hours listening to the album, geeking around with myself, and stalking the Broadway cast. Clearly, I need help. Or not. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly suggest that you do!!!

I finally saw One Republic!


Wow, this has been one hell of a magical night, and a bullet would never be enough to capture how I felt. I was supposed to write about it today but ended up writing this list instead. Obviously, lists are way easier to write than an elaborate post on all my feels. Not really, but I’ll try to work around this today.

I met up with Jamie and Aneth!

Finally, a blogger meet up with Aneth and Jamie! Hello, northerners! I was more than an hour late (I go out from work at 8PM, and they met at around the same time… or earlier), but was able to catch up with them at Starbucks. We told a shit ton of stories, passed around an invisible crown, and laughed our asses off. More dates, please! And I hope I could meet more online peeps in real life. (I’m quite talkative but I promise I’m nice. LOL)

I’ve been writing a bunch of stuff for WheninManila!

While I haven’t been around my blog, I’ve been spending a lot of time doing write ups for WheninManila. Check them out here!

I finally went back to running and I’m trying to commit to a healthier lifestyle!

Despite the rain, yes.

I’ve been working out, yaaaas! Lately, I was able to go out for a run for at least twice or thrice a week, some home workouts whenever I can, and boxing every weekend. I recently read an article about PCOS that kind of slapped me in the face (read it here), which made me realize how serious this thing is. I was diagnosed when I was 14, and back then, I never really cared. Now that I’m 24 (it’s been 10 years), I realized that I should stop fucking around and finally do something about it.

I also try to live a more mindful lifestyle, meditating in the morning for 10 minutes (I can’t do it longer YET), and pursuing a gratefulness project on facebook (follow me there!). I feel like these are all small steps, but I could definitely feel the changes brought about by these efforts. I’m less cranky, I feel more relaxed, and I am definitely less anxious than I used to.

So that’s it for me today. I hope my life lately / catch up posts don’t bore you. I promise I’ll create better content in the coming weeks!

How about you guys? How are you doing? I’d love to hear from you! I would most likely go on a blog hopping spree later today. I miss blogging, and I obviously miss making sense out of the things that were happening in my life. Cheers and I hope y’all have a great day. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up: The Struggle to Write is Real

  1. I’m glad you’re back again! Maybe I’ve read your article on WhenInManila because dun ako ngayon nakatambay looking for nice place to eat. Yep, writing for blog is struggle especially you want your post to be readable. Haha i haven’t updated my blog with something more readable than personal posts. 🙂

  2. Clap clap on the working out part! So proud of you! You can do it~ it’s kinda hard to stick it out, but there are a lot of motivational quotes/stories that might help you stick with your workout plan! I struggle with it too~ I’m a seasonal runner and chronic dieter, haha! Don’t forget to reward yourself too once you get through a week of sticking to your plans. You will be more encouraged to move when you treat/pamper yourself.

    Good to know you’re back in the blogosphere! Haven’t visited your page in a while too, but then I saw your FB posts, and yeah, that triggered my blog hopping spree!

    I hope we can meet up one day! Haha~

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