Mixtape Monday: Party By The Beach

I have always been the laid back type. I love staying in, being lazy, and enjoying myself cooped up inside my bedroom. But if you know me, then you’d also know that I sometimes love to party. I love dancing, and being at a party is a great excuse to actually bust some moves that you won’t usually do on a normal day. Dance circles (where each of the participants is ~required~ to show off some ~mOvEs~ in the middle of the circle) was also something that I really enjoyed, pretty much because inside the circle, the barriers are broken down, everyone is immune to embarrassment, and each member are just up for a fun night. My college orgmates were big on partying (hello, ComArtSoc) and when we were still on campus, my orgmates and I would usually throw a way a hundred bucks or so for some drinks and a chance move our booties (while having fun).

Ever since graduating, I definitely slowed down A LOT when it comes to these things. I became the lola that I am today, but under certain conditions (a.k.a. when I have good company or if it’s required), I still go to parties and enjoy myself dancing the night away.

Last April, Mark and I went to Summer Siren in Zambales, and it was super fun… Except that Mark isn’t big on dancing and we kind of hung out in the sidelines / glamping VIP area instead of actually moving our asses on the floor during the party time (haha sorry Bie!). Despite that, we still had a grand time, and this made me wish to attend more parties by the beach (can’t believe I’m saying this). The experience reminded me of being in Laboracay, which I attended in 2014, except that I’m not quite sure if I would dare to go back on such a peak season. Boy, Laboracay was WILD, and you can’t really walk properly by the beach because of the crowd. It’s pretty intense, but still fun to a certain level.

Anyway, since it’s already May and Laboracay just happened yesterday, I decided to whip up a nice playlist with some party songs, perfect as a soundtrack while you dance with your friends and get drunk by the shore. Check it out below! It’s available on Spotify so you can listen to it anytime. 😉


How about you? Do you like partying? When did you last party? Share it down below, I’d love to hear from you guys! 🙂

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