Tam-Awan Village: Baguio’s Garden in the Sky and Artist Melting Pot

The first time that I was in Tam-awan Village, I was still a college student. It was a hurried trip with some of my classmates, and I couldn’t really remember much, except that everything went by so fast. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my first time in Baguio wasn’t really as eventful and magical as I hope it would be. Fortunately, when I went back with the Azalea Bloggers, it was a different story.

Tam-awan Village - jhanzey.net

The view from the Viewing Deck #1

Known for its beautiful Cordillera houses and astonishing view from the top of the hill, Tam-awan Village is home to many of the north’s best artworks and delicious rice wines. With intimate gallery spaces, a small restaurant, and a variety of huts that you can occupy, this place has been one of the many destinations for field trips and occasional tourists in the area.

Tam-awan Village - jhanzey.net

The village’s huge dream catcher

During our visit, we weren’t really able to cover the village a hundred percent as we got in a bit late than scheduled. It was almost sun down, and most of the paths don’t really have enough lighting (the village also closes down at around 5:00 PM). We only got to see some parts of it, mainly the viewing deck, the pathways around the village, as well as their galleries.

Tam-awan Village - jhanzey.net

The village features a variety of Cordillera houses that showcases a diversity in structure. Each hut tells a different story and serves a different purpose. We weren’t able to check them out as they are mostly occupied, but I remember that when we went here on a guided tour a couple of years back, they mentioned that each hut has a special motive. I really can’t recall much, but I remember that there was a certain hut meant for honeymoons and fertility, complete with statues that would help the occupants achieve their purpose. I would love to go back and learn more about it next time (and I promise that next time I would pay much attention — damn it, college self).

Tam-awan Village - jhanzey.net

One of the artworks inside the Bugnay Gallery

Aside from the huts, another interesting reason why you should check out the village is the variety of artworks available for viewing in the area. Apart from the galleries, different artworks are spread out in the area, including statues and creative signage. The restaurant is also filled with art pieces, that just sitting inside and having a cup of tea is enough to actually feel the imaginative nature of the people in the north.

Tam-awan Village - jhanzey.net

One of our main highlights was being sketched by the village’s resident artists. It was really fun, although it kinda made me self conscious, just sitting down and being stared at by a stranger. A couple of glimpses and sometime after, we were able to see the final portrait that captures every details of our faces. It was mesmerizing to look at the artists doing their job, with each stroke slowly creating a beautiful portrait. I am never really blessed when it comes to creating works of art with my hands, so I feel extra amazed seeing them working their wonders. Aside from portrait sketching, you may also take classes from them for PHP 450.00. They also have classes for dream catcher making, water color, wood carving, and bamboo craft, among many others.

Tam-awan Village - jhanzey.net

Aside from the usual tours, galleries, classes, and cafe, you can also watch cultural shows and camp in the area. Make sure you pay a visit to this village if you’re in Baguio! Check out the details and rates below for your reference 🙂

Tam-awan Village

366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City




Entrance Fee

Adult: PHP 50.00

Students / Senior Citizens: PHP 30.00

Children (10 years old and below): PHP 20.00

3 years old and below: FREE

Lodging (with beds and towels)

1 pax: PHP 500.00

2 pax: PHP 1,000.00

Group (10 pax and more): PHP 350.00

Picnic Fee, entrance included (9AM – 6PM): PHP 200.00/10 pax

Bonfire Fee, entrance included (6PM – 11PM): PHP 120.00

Function Fee (maximum of 40 pax): PHP 8,000.00

Cultural Show (must be pre-booked): PHP 5,000.00

Workshops: Starts at PHP 450.00

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  1. Wow. Infairness, for a village to people to come and go is really cheap ah. I love the view. It is really beautiful. Reminded me when we were there in BC too, looking at the view specially when the sun rises and sets is just so majestic. I love the bog dream catcher too. Parang biog version siya ng duyan. Haha. And the best, I love the portrait thingy. I always wanted to be drawn by other artists too. Sana soon. Char. I might try this village din kapag sakaling bumalik ako sa Baguio. Hihi. Thanks Jhanz. <3

    Spices + Everything Nice | http://www.ajeinomoto.com

  2. How pretty! I love Baguio but I’ve never heard of this place! I guess that just means I’m not very well-traveled in the Philippines. We mostly stay in La Union when we visit. The grounds look really quiet and peaceful, too.

  3. Another reason why I should visit Baguio. That huge dream catcher tho haha 🙂 I wanna experience this kind of view too! Also, experience being sketched. Dang. Tapos, ang cheap lang pala ah, yung papuntang Baguio yung mahal ang layo ko pa Hahahaha

  4. AAAHHH. Baguio. Like what Ochi said, their coffee was the best! Went here during rainy season and the place was covered in fog. A bit creepy but cool!

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