Mixtape Monday: Stu·por

stu·por (noun): a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility

A couple of days ago, Cza told me about Galimatias’ Urban Flora EP, and needless to say, I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. I have always been into songs that will put you to ~daze~, chill beats with interesting arrangements, and just ambient -ish music that you can play as you work. This isn’t something most people dig, but I just find these kind of music quite addictive. The Urban Flora EP inspired me to pull off my newest Mixtape Monday, which are a collection of (mostly unheard) music, but are very chill and trance-y. Hope you like it!


Do you like these kind of music? If so, please feel free to suggest some songs and artists below! (xxyyxx and the xx’s are on my list, but I don’t feel like they belong to this set)
Also, do you have any themes that you’d like me to create next time? Comment down below and I’ll try to come up with something! 🙂

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