Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 7

Hi everyone! So I haven’t been really productive recently, and as much as I hate wasting time, I usually find myself in the abyss of the internet, trying to look for “inspiration”, which ultimately leads to just mindless browsing. I have no idea why, but it seems like I haven’t been as inspired as I wanted to, and I feel like my creativity has slowly diminished with the use of the internet. It sucks a lot, but I am trying my best to stay afloat and find my way back to actually creating things and not spending time doing stupid shit.

Anyway, my introduction sounds negative, but despite all these, there are actually a lot of things that I am thankful about. In fact, I am quite happy with my life (although not as motivated as I hope I would be). I haven’t done any happy list the past couple of months, and I guess today would be a great day to list down things that I am grateful for. 🙂

Summer Siren 2016 -

Being 24 doesn’t mean that you have to wear flower crowns, but I’m wearing one anyway

I just turned 24!

I stayed at home, ate a lot (which I regretted the next day), and indulged on some Amber’s Pitchi-pitchi. Nothing special, really, but thinking about having another year of being able to grab opportunities makes me feel a little inspired to be better. I haven’t been my best the past couple of years and haven’t really achieved much as I initially hope I would, but now that I’m looking back at it, I realized that my life wasn’t so bad. I know that turning a year older doesn’t make you magically successful or wiser, but it felt like it was a success for me, being able to look back and be proud of all the failures and misadventures that I’ve been through. I guess I’m just thankful that I am able to be more positive and more proactive in life than I am before, and I hope that I would be able to maintain this attitude for a long time.


Mark and I went to Summer Siren!

We were given the chance to cover it for WheninManila, and since my birthday was also coming up, it eventually became my pre-birthday celebration. We were able to try Lifestyle PH’s Glamping for three days, and it was quite fun. I wrote about it on WheninManila, but I’ll also share my experience here on the blog soon. I also have a video coming up for that. 🙂

Anyway, the getaway made me realize one thing about Mark and I: we really have a different taste on so many things specifically music and partying. He’s the type of guy who likes gigs and live music, while I’m the type of girl who likes to dance and get wild (oops) on the dance floor. I also enjoy gigs, but I’d like to think that I’m the ~dAncEr~ type, who likes to move and groove to the music. Mark is quite stiff and doesn’t really feel comfortable on these type of things, and that’s totally okay. Although I kept on teasing him of being “lolo” during the party. HAHA.


Summer Siren 2016 -

Travels, travels, travels!

I have been traveling A LOT the past couple of months and I’m so happy for all these opportunities. I’ve been to so many places the past 7 months than I have ever been in my entire life. So far, I’ve visited the following since October last year: Coron (Palawan), Laoag (Ilocos), Vigan (Ilocos), Paoay (Ilocos), Pagudpud (Ilocos), Liwliwa (Zambales), La Union, Bolinao (Pangasinan), Lingayen (Pangasinan), Mt. Pinatubo (Tarlac), Tacloban, Kalanggaman Island (Leyte), Inopacan (Leyte), Ormoc (Leyte), Baguio, and San Narciso (Zambales). Believe it or not, most of those are actually free trips, and I am super thankful for the people who invited me and believed in me. I also have trips coming up (Caramoan in May, Bohol in September, and Boracay sometime soon) and I really have to prepare for those. I’m looking on finishing and sharing my travels soon, so expect more updates in the coming weeks (YAS, I’m pressuring myself guys).


My ever supportive parents

As you know, I’ve been out of a “corporate job” for months now, and is living off completely through freelancing. I’m still having a hard time, and I haven’t really helped out at home as much as I’d like to. I know that I’ve been selfish the past years for not being able to give monetary support at home, and I’m super thankful for my parents who supports me on my decisions in life, most specially when it comes to finding a job and trying to find myself by traveling a lot. I no longer ask for any help financially whatsoever, but knowing that I’ve been quite a failure the past few years, I’m so glad that I just have them behind my back.


Intentional sweating (lol)

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been skipping my usual runs and workouts as I felt like I’m not really myself, but this week, I’m glad that I found myself running again despite the heat. If ever I missed out on my morning runs, I would usually compensate it with some home workouts that makes me feel better about my day. Oh, the little wins.


Birthday messages!

I’m the type of person who appreciates letters. I LOVE LETTERS, and nowadays, these type of things are pretty rare. In this day and age, people are so busy that typing out happy birthday is such a struggle (there were a couple of “facebook friends” who greeted me with HBDs), and reading long birthday messages really warms up my heart. Despite receiving the generic well wishes from most people, there were still a couple of friends who went out their way and sent me really nice, heartwarming messages, and that just made me so happy. I feel special knowing that these people spent a couple of minutes just to say nice things about me.

PSA: Don’t greet your friends with an HBD on their day. I’d rather not hear from you than feel insulted that you didn’t have the decency to send me a proper greeting.




This would sound complete embarrassing but I haven’t really watched Friends. I only watched a couple of episodes but never really gotten into it until today. I’ve been watching more of it and I’m glad to say that I am making progress (a.k.a. falling more in love with the series).


Actually finishing things

As I’ve said a million times earlier, I have no idea why, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to actually finish things. The past couple of days were better compared to the others, and I just wish that I finally continue my productivity streak in the coming weeks (or forever, if that’s possible). Also super happy that I was able to clean up my e-mail. YAS.


People appreciating my work

I know that I’m not really the best in blogging or taking photographs or creating videos, but I’m super thankful that there are people who appreciate them. Haha! I know it’s a little shallow, but hearing people compliment your work really means a lot. I guess I’m just happy to know that what I’m doing isn’t so bad at all.


Lasik - Medical City

Yep, that’s a close up of my eye


Okay, biggest news of them all: I AM ABOUT TO HAVE MY LASIK SURGERY TOMORROW. For the past years, I’ve been living with a really bad vision (my grade is 625, based from the last check up), and tomorrow, I’m about to bid adios to my glasses. Partnering up with The Medical City, I’m about to have the procedure done, and I’m super stoked about it. I’ll be posting more about my journey on the blog soon, but for now, I’ll be leaving you with this news. AHHHHHHHH. I received my schedule for the surgery on the day of my birthday, so that made it extra special. You guys have no idea how much this means to me (I’ll be able to snorkel properly and do activities without glasses OH MY GOSH). I’m really quite nervous about this, but I’m also very, very excited. 🙂


How about you guys? What are the things that you are thankful for?


Inspired by Helga’s Friday’s 10 Happy Things link up

19 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 7

  1. You seem to be travelling a lot, ate Jhan! Waaah, jealous ~ Don’t stress yourself too much, though! Can’t wait to know where you’ll be next! Haha

    1. I hope there’ll be more this year! I will go back to work sometime soon and I know that that would mean less “travels”. But I hope that I’d still be able to enjoy going around! 😀

  2. Again, belated happy birthday Jhanz! Oo nga, some people say HBD ust for the sake of it. That’s why I didn’t display my bday on FB haha I’d rather have no one greet me than have my profile filled with HBDs haha

    Same thoughts here, I think growing older means more opportunities hehe so I don’t feel bad when I age anymore hahaha

    Yay for your travels! I hope you could blog more about them soon 🙂 I also like watching travel videos that look really personal. Some looks so professional na kasi. Mas may feels pag may personal touch haha

    Wishing you successful surgery! And you should take more care of your eyes now. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mei!!! 🙂 I’m doing better now after the surgery. Hehe. And yes, I will take care of my eyes now!!!
      Haha glad to know na may mga tao pa ding may gusto ng medyo shaky videos na personal looking. Hihi. 🙂

  3. OMG you had such a high grade!! I’m happy that had it fixed (LOL FIXED) already. Alsoooo, belated happy birthday! I don’t think I was able to greet yaaaaa. :-***

  4. A lot to be happy about! Yay! Belated happy birthday and wishing you more travels! 🙂

    How did your Lasik surgery go? I know people who had one and they said that the doctor forbid them to swim especially in the ocean. Is it true for everyone? You seem to love the beach pa naman. <3

    1. Hi Melai! 🙂 Thank you for your well wishes!!! I do love, love, LOVE the sea, but I would have to pass to most travels for the meantime as I still need my eyes to heal. I’m not allowed to swim for a month (which is sad because THIS HEAT IS KILLING ME), but all is well. I can see perfectly now, and I would definitely sacrifice a month without a trip for the chance to see everything. 🙂 It’s not really forbidden, but you just have to let your eyes heal first before hitting the beach 😀

  5. Ahh! That close-up photo of an eye makes me cringe, but good luck with your upcoming lasik surgery! And happy birthday again, Janelle!

    1. Thanks Jae!!! <3 I have a video of my surgery and I still don't have the guts to watch it because I find myself cringing everytime! -_-

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