The Sunday Currently Vol. 16

Happy Easter everyone!


READING: This really, really insightful article about a journalist who posed as a young Muslim convert and was dragged into the crazy world of the IS. It’s pretty scary, but regardless, it was a great eye opener. I was also reading through an article about the passing of Emman Pena, a fellow UPLB grad, who was ambushed earlier in Calauan. Sometimes, I think I should just stop reading bad news because it makes me feel really sad.

WRITING: This post! Also, will attempt to finally finish one of my article assignments. Gotta catch up because girl, I am so dead already.

LISTENING: To Alina Baraz & Galimatias’ Urban Flora EP. So good! Always been into this kind of music, so this You can check it out below.


THINKING: Of my upcoming trip to Baguio. Is it cold?

WISHING: That time would go by slowly (or I could do a lot of things within 24 hours… like a lot).

NEEDING: To sleep, or write an article or two. Whichever comes first.

FEELING: Quite lost, but I hope I save myself from all these ~lOstNeSs~ eventually.

CLICKING: | Cza’s blog | Ghie’s blog

How about you guys? How was your Sunday? Share it down below!

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 16

  1. I haven’t been to Baguio ever! It’s weird because it seem everybody has been to that place more than once already. But I bet it isn’t that cold there coz you know, summer is coming. And temperature is hot these days. I try not to read bad news nowadays and I skip bloody images in facebook as much as I can. 🙁

    1. It’s pretty cold, actually! 🙂 The weather is perfect for a nice walk at night or early in the morning. 🙂

  2. You’re going to Baguio!? nice! I can’t wait to see your blog posts. I have been wanting to go to Baguio. The distance is the only reason why I didn’t go there when I was still in Davao

    1. Ooh sayang! Baguio was really nice! 🙂 It’s pretty cold and there are a lot of great places to check out 🙂

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