The Sunday Currently Vol. 15

Woohoo! This weekend has been nothing but spectacular, spending the past two days hanging out with Mark, eating A LOT, taking photographs, and enjoying superb music at GoodVybes Festival. I am a HUGE fan of Chvrches and Passion Pit, and I love Stars and Oh Wonder equally, so I was so stoked to receive a text message from my editor, asking me if I can go and cover. Of course, I said yes in a heartbeat, and dragged Mark along. Mark and I were supposed to take photographs side by side, but because we were only given one pass for the photographer, he took it instead. I was honestly upset about it at first because I wanted to do it myself, but eventually, I ended up shooting as well, taking my own pictures during Chvrches and Passion Pit’s performances.

I can’t emphasize this enough, but this weekend is seriously the bomb! I wanted to write more about it, but time won’t permit me to do so (I still have articles to catch up with), so I’ll leave you with a Sunday Currently for now. I’ll write more about my GoodVybes experience and a bunch of other rambles sometime within the week. Here’s for today!



READING: This insightful story about Tumblr teens, how they dealt with fame, and what their lives became after leaving the social media. I still haven’t finished the article, but so far, so good.

WRITING: Article backlogs! I have a couple of things to finish before I go to bed. Would most likely end up working until the wee hours, remembering about my time at GoodVybes, and probably crying because it’s already over (lol not really, but this post concert depression is CRAZY)

LISTENING: To GoodVybes’ playlist on Spotify! I can’t stop babbling about the festival because everyone was just SO GOOD. Going to that festival was like listening to my playlist BUT LIVE. Obviously I would be spazzing about this experience until I get tired.

THINKING: Of my deadlines! Also, thinking if I should whip up coffee at 11:00 PM.

WISHING: To finish everything by the end of the day!

NEEDING: To sleep, but first, deadlines. If it’s only possible to multitask while you sleep! Haha! Sounds ridiculous but would definitely be crazy helpful.

FEELING: Sleepy, anxious, tired, happy, exhausted.


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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 15

  1. Glad they gave you the task/opportunity to cover the event! I remember you wishing about this after we watch the Nate Ruess concert and I’m happy that your wish came true 🙂

    1. It is!!! I’m a really, really big fan of the bands, and I felt so euphoric just being there, listening to them perform live. Thank you Michelle for your kind words!

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