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I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time, but I’ve been struggling a lot because of my hormonal imbalance. I have PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is a condition where you have small cysts on your ovaries, and this leads to irregular menstruation, as well as higher risks of obesity and infertility. Anyhow, I am currently a little overweight, and ever since I started doing freelance, I became a little more active with my lifestyle. I get to run every chance that I get, and I would usually prefer food that are less fatty and more healthy than to what I eat before. My dad is an awesome cook, and I am also trying to try my hands in to food preparations as well. I still have a long way to go, but I think I could get there — I just need more motivation. Ha ha!

Anyhow, I once came across a post by a friend of mine on Facebook, with her showing how much weight she’d lost in just a couple of months. Naturally, I ended up asking her on what she did, and she mentioned she just tried MySlim, with no routines whatsoever. Honestly speaking, pills are not something that I’d try myself since I’m already drinking something for my PCOS (something to keep my menstruation coming every month lol). I was also very sickly late last year, so I would consume a ton of vitamins and medications just to recuperate on time for work (which, obviously, didn’t work out — I still left the team). Anyway, because of these experiences, I decided to work on my weight loss on a more “natural” way, leaving pills on the table. I still haven’t used the product, but I’m glad that it has worked wonders on friends. That’s why when Vida Science tapped me for a product feature, I agreed, pretty much because I wanted to know more what MySlim is all about, and also because I wanted to share it to you guys, my readers, in case you also find this helpful. However, I still highly suggest that you pair it up with proper food and exercise. Supplements are there as a support, not a quick way out!


So, what really is MySlim?


Photos from The Tummy Traveler 🙂

MySlim is the first slimming and detox drink clinically proven to promote safe weight-loss because of its special Yerba Mate formulation. It comes in tablets and ready-to-drink, sugar free juice. I was able to try their juice once, back when I was so desperate with my bowel movements, and it’s actually pretty delicious! It tastes like a strawberry drink, and you won’t have any issues with the flavor. I eventually ended up farting a lot that day (sorry, TMI!), so I wasn’t able to try it again. As for the capsules, a friend of mine said that it was really effective, and it gives her an extra boost when it comes to working out. It’s not only for slimming, but also a supplement that you can take daily.


Another photo from The Tummy Traveler (I have no original photos, so sorry, but I want you to see how the products look)

Yerba Mate, what?

Yerba Mate was first discovered in Brazil and used as tea. Over the centuries since its discovery, clinical studies and research proved that it is also an effective weight loss component. Apparently, Yerba Mate only burns your unwanted fats and leaves your lean muscles alone. What, what!

Aside from the Yerba Mate, it also has Palatinose that promotes energy, as well as Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger (bye, bye cravings).


Dosage? Price?

As per its packaging, the capsules are meant to be taken twice a day, while the juice is recommended to be taken twice or thrice a week. The capsules are at PHP 540.00 per bottle (30 pcs), and the juice is sold at PHP 89.00 per bottle.


Would I recommend the product?

Personally, I cannot say myself as I haven’t tried it before. However, it does look promising and it works wonders on my friends, so I would say that it would actually be something work checking out. 🙂


Want to know more about MySlim? Visit, or like and follow their social media pages myslimPH on Facebook, and myslimdetox for Twitter, and Instagram.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Vida Science. However, I did my best to write this as truthfully as I can. There really are good friends of mine who tried the product, most of which are from WheninManila. 🙂


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