On Becoming A Professional Blogger

I would be a hypocrite if I tell you that I have never wanted to become a professional blogger. With all the perks and the idea of working for yourself, hundreds and hundreds of people are starting to sign up and flock the internet with their own little space, hoping to get noticed by brands and sponsors all over the world. I’m one of them, but lately, I realized that there is more to money and perks on becoming a professional blogger.

As of the moment, I am, in no way, a professional blogger. I do accept sponsored posts every now and then, but it’s not enough to say that I’m doing this professionally. It’s becoming more frequent lately, especially because I really needed extra income, but I still can’t say that this is my “profession”, as I feel like I’m not giving enough effort just yet. Much like everyone else, this is the dream — to monetize my blog, get event invites once in a while, and to just start feeling like I’m noticed by a small audience. I guess, being a bullied kid in high school, there were parts of me that really wanted to become a part of the ‘in’ group — you know, the popular, the cool. But then again, this is me, and my personality never fits in to those who ‘make it’ on this field (a.k.a. popularity contests, etc). Anyway, I grew out of my delusions of becoming the cool person, sure, but there is still some satisfaction whenever people would recognize the name of my blog (I am NOT popular, but I guess people KNOWING you and you not knowing them feels nice every once in a while).

I would be straight out with you all — I do like getting sponsored posts and I enjoy writing most of it, but I am starting to feel like I don’t like where I am headed to. Lately, as I was browsing through my blog, I realized that, to my dismay, most of the posts are about the brands or people that I write for. Before, this blog is my voice — it pretty much contains my heart and soul and all the dark secrets that I keep — but now, it has become a source of income, a way to keep up with my unstable freelance gigs and unknown future. I felt like I’m starting to resent it, and I feel like I’m starting to be disconnected from that one place that I used to love. I stopped putting on personal stories and inputs, and instead, I made way for posts that would be beneficial to me. I guess I felt out-balanced, and it felt a little too much than what I expected.

I mean, there is nothing wrong on becoming a professional blogger — honestly speaking, I admire those people who can make it through, especially those who are under the lifestyle / personal categories because blogging is just so damn hard most of the time sometimes. Maintaining your aesthetic, keeping the voice, and inputting yourself on your posts, maaaaan, that’s one hell of a challenge. When I look at them and take a look at myself, I realize that I never really put much focus and effort on this blog as I should have if I really wanted to be a professional. For the longest time, I’ve been treating my blog as a ‘hobby’, an outlet of my not-so-creative pursuits, a place where I would just babble away and NOT CARE about what people would think. And I guess, the more I started to push through with posts that would help me monetize this space — fitting on a niche, trying to write on a certain way — the more I felt robbed of my personality. I felt like for the past months, I kept on pushing away my personal stories just to make way for posts that could bring in a couple of bucks. As I said, I am outbalanced, and I think that there is no way to get out of it other than acknowledge the fact that I am pretty lost on where I’m headed to. Just like the rest of my life, I am also definitely lost on how I wanted this blog to be. Is this a food blog? A travel blog? A lifestyle blog? When I look at it, it felt like a mess, but when I go back to simpler times, back when I was still not doing a bunch of sponsored post, I realized that this is just another personal blog. A blog where I chronicle my life and I just YOLO when it comes to creating content, and even schedule.

I am nothing but grateful for all my sponsored content — thank you for feeding me on this challenging times — but I guess I should be more proactive and focused on creating posts that meant something for me. Create posts that would let me share my life, perhaps?

What do you guys think? I honestly need some advice, but I guess in the end, I might just follow my gut feel and continue to write about my life MORE than I write for money. Either way, I’d still love to hear from you.

PS: I promise to be more active on replying to comments! It still amazes me that there are people who care enough to read and leave a comment. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL.

29 thoughts on “On Becoming A Professional Blogger

  1. Hi jhanz! I also aspired to be a full time blogger pero let’s be real it can’t sustain my needs. haha. Well. This blog can be your own home, you can decorate it with whatever style you want and if you want something new you can redecorate it again. As a reader, you do just fine Jhanza. I love your blog and your writing style.

  2. I love your writing style, I really enjoyed reading this post!
    In my opinion, you should do what makes you feel happy, so if you feel like you want to write about your life more then go ahead 🙂
    I found that quite difficult too, I felt like I wasn’t publishing posts that mean something to me so I stopped blogging altogether
    I finally started again and this time I feel much happier about what I’m posting
    Good luck with your blog and I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

    Neeny | Spoon Full Of Yum

  3. Same thoughts Jhanz! Actually if you visited my blog, I have been blogging about this DigitalPro Bootcamp that I am attending to learn how to really establish your blog brand and soon become a professional blogger. I still consider myself a hobbyist but I dream of becoming a professional blogger one day and quit my day job! Haha. We can do this! <3

    1. I actually saw it!!!! And it’s funny because I read it right after I wrote this post hehehe 🙂 Kaya natin to! Let’s do this! 🙂

  4. I have never received sponsorship since I started blogging but I also do not like ads in my little space. I have been maintaining the blog as my personal home where I get to be me and share to a few people who passes by my life stories. My only suggestion is for you to make two different blogs, one that caters to your own life stories, and one whose objective is to earn. Good luck!

  5. I feel you! I’m not a pro blogger but I still ask myself what to post. Should I post something a reader will like or something more personal but with less chance of being read? I started blogging for personal purposes but I also what to be known at some point. I don’t want to be ‘that’ popular but I at least want to be recognize by someone and that thinking somehow jeopardize my posts content.

    If you really want to put yourself on your blog then post more personal stuff. In my opinion, I really don’t like blogs full of different brand review(well it depends on my mood while reading Haha).

    1. I’d have to agree. I guess I’m just on that phase where I feel utterly lost about a lot of things and I feel like I’m still adjusting to everything. Thanks, Thet!

  6. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I only post mainly about my life. I’ve never had any sponsored post that I can think of. I am actually targeting to get one someday, just got no time to look for some right now. I have a day shift work and I rarely surf the net for non-work related stuff.

    I blog mostly for the sake of keeping memories. Back on my Tumblr days, I had published more or less a thousand blog posts that contain so many stories about my past. How I managed to survive college, a heartbreak, personal issues and all. It was fun to have something you can look after to after so many years. It was nostalgic. You’ll see how stubborn or brave or weak you were, or how strong you’ve become. The friends you’ve met and the ex-friends you had. The happy memories are indeed the best part of every reminiscing moment. 🙂

    All the love, Auradelle

    1. Indeed! sometimes, it just feels great to write your stories and let the words flow instead of thinking about people or money or anything else. Thank you for sharing your two cents, Auradelle! Appreciate it 🙂

  7. I’d say share the content you are happy with. Don’t put your personal or YOUR posts to the side just to earn money from sponsored ones. Readers do get bored when they constantly see sponsored posts and loose connection with writer behind that blog 🙂 Stay true to yourself and do what you think is the best for you. Good luck!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thanks Leta! I totally understand what you’re saying, I just kind of adjusting to all the sponsored posts and what not hehe 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Relate! Nope, not a pro at all (how I wish!) but ang hirap din talaga magproduce ng content. What I end up thinking most of the time is do I write for myself or do I write for the audience? Also for sponsored posts, parang as much as you try for the post not to appear paid, somehow it just resonates. Hahaha. I guess, you just have to put your flavor on it para may touch of personalization pa din. But I’ve always believed na it’s best pa din if you just continue to be you, in terms of blogging. Oh, the dilemmas! And they thought it was easy! *Hugs*, Jhanz! <3

    1. Hehehe #bloggerproblems!!! LOL but I guess it’s nice that we really put a lot of effort into this. Only means that we do care about writing and blogging, dba? Thank you for the hug, Trish!!! 😀

    1. I would have to agree! I guess it’s all boils down to being able to find balance between contents that are worth reading and what you like to read 😀

  9. Jhanz,

    Since my first blog in 2010, I have been on and off, but I’d say the passion for writing remains the same.

    Over the years, what I write about has changed little. I’d say in your case, perhaps you have focused too much on writing for someone else that you have forgotten why you loved writing. The identity of your blog shifted from the world as you see it to one that is not yours.

    One thing you can do is to keep a ratio. 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, it is up to you to determine. If you want to retain your identity, then write more about your world, your thoughts, your feelings.

  10. I personally think ads help in making passive income, and let’s admit it, we can never have enough stable income to sustain our growing needs. I don’t think you have too much sponsored posts or ads in your blog and I appreciate the fact that you appreciate your readers because it means a lot when you just don’t focus on yourself and on your blog, you also care about the people who take the time to read your posts and even leave a comment, as you said. 🙂

  11. This post resonates to me on an emotional level. I want to start blogging but I don’t know where to start and I want it to be monetize but I don’t want to lose my personal touch as well. Oh well. Thanks for this post. Thank you for being real. I am looking for a post to inspire me in blogging, and this is the real-est post I have found.

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