Proactiv Solution: Initial Thoughts

I suffered early from acne. For a young girl, having uncontrollable breakouts were the worst — it definitely made me feel less of myself, and it had triggered a lot of unhappy memories. It took a long time for it to subside, maybe because puberty, and a huge factor is also my raging hormones and PCOS. Until now, I still have them, but it was definitely not as bad as before. I don’t like talking about my physical appearance mainly because I have a shitload of things to feel insecure about, but despite it all, I’ve been trying to learn to love myself a little more day by day.

Last January, I had the chance to get in touch with the generous people who were part of Proactiv Solution, and was given a 60-day pack for me to try. Although I was able to get the products for free, I will be posting a hundred percent honest review of the items that I was able to receive. 🙂

Before Proactiv


Photo taken at Ilocos, November 2015; I was wearing no make up at all.

SKIN TYPE: Oily; Sensitive
PIMPLES: Comes out seldomly but consistently

Prior Proactiv Solution, I was using Garnier facial scrub as my daily wash. I am not big on toners, but I do put some moisturizer and sunscreen before heading out. As you can see, I really don’t have much acne anymore compared when I was younger, but there are a lot of discoloration and scars left behind by years of suffering from my breakouts. I do get pimples sometimes, most of them small zits that can be easily covered by a bit of concealer and some BB cream. The problem, really, is not the quantity, but instead, the fact that I’ve been dealing with pimples for the longest time, and I just want to get it over with. The scars is another story, but at least I could spare myself from really big zits that looks very, very nasty.

The Package


So, as I’ve mentioned, I was given a 60-day pack for me to test. The set includes a cleanser, a toner, a repairing lotion, and a refining mask. It also comes with a book (The Doctors’ Secrets), which guides the users as to how they can adjust their lifestyle to achieve better results while using the product. Although the items are relatively small, it’s actually supposed to last for two months. If you’re the type of person who likes to put a lot of products on your face, then make sure that you adjust accordingly, as these items are meant to be used in small amounts.

The products are labeled with numbers so it’s easy for you to remember which one is which. It’s not really confusing, but it does help on building a stronger identity of the brand’s promise, which is to providing skin care in three easy steps. Well, four, if you count the mask. Or five, if you bought an additional product from their line.


Renewing Cleanser


So, number one on the list is the Renewing Cleanser. Comes in a 120mL. bottle, the cleanser is armed with Micro-Crystal Benzoyl Peroxide and exfoliating beads, which provides cleansing while fighting acne-causing bacteria. I find the cleanser quite therapeutic to use because of the beads, and it feels like my face is a bit softer after every wash.


Revitalizing Toner


Next step after washing was toning, and they have included an alcohol-free toner with the pack. Unlike most toners that reeks right after you open, Proactiv actually smells and feels very gentle on the skin. I felt like 120 mL. won’t be enough for me for the next 60 days, but only time can actually tell.

The toner has a glycolic acid compound, which aims to help promote even skin tone and texture. I’m looking forward to actually getting rid of my scars, and I hope that this would come in handy in the next weeks.


Repairing Treatment


For the last step, you would have to apply the repairing treatment, which is quite reminiscent of a lotion. It’s pretty light and non-sticky, so you won’t really feel icky while wearing it before you put your make-up. It has benzoyl peroxide as well, and it’s meant to penetrate deep into your pores to prevent formation of other possible pimples.


Bonus: Refining Mask


For the 60-day kit, a refining mask is included with the pack. Its solution has sulfur, which helps on minimizing pores and lifting deep-seated dirt, oil, and grime. It is recommended for use at least twice a week, and is usually applied after the cleanser. The mask has a sulfur scent, which can be quite strong for some. It can get a little itchy at first, but it’s something that you can get used to.


My Initial Thoughts After 15 Days

So far, Proactiv has been doing okay for me. The breakouts are slowing down, and my skin is lighting up a bit, but it’s not really as prominent just yet. I’ve been using it for 15 days, and I honestly feel like it would be unfair to judge the product’s effectiveness as early as now. I think it would take sometime to get more results from it.

As for the items itself, I find them really light and soft to the skin. They are pretty gentle but still effective, which proves that harmful chemicals isn’t always the way to go. There will always be great alternatives to your usual acid / alcohol based washes that you get from the market.

If I’m going to post a photo of myself, the results aren’t as visible. I might post one after 60 days, though, so stay tuned for that! 🙂


Disclosure: As I’ve stated on the start of this post, I was able to receive the items in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I used Proactiv for many, many years. As long as I could remember acne being an issue. It worked pretty well until recent years. I’ve switched to a drugstore brand called AnceFree and it’s worked well. I think my skin just aged, but Proactiv did wonders for me when I was a teenager! OMG I can’t believe I wrote that! haha I feel so old!

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