PSA: When in a concert, LIVE THE MOMENT

Boyce Avenue Live in Manila 2016

So last Tuesday, I went to Boyce Avenue’s concert, and they were amazing. I was no big fan, but right after hearing and seeing them live, I could definitely say that my attraction to the band increased by a hundred folds (or so!). They sing perfectly and they sound exactly the same as they do on records, so each song was a pleasure to listen to. Although they are well known for their ballads, both covers and originals, they also have upbeat songs that would just make you jump on your feet. The weird thing, though, is that the people remained SEATED through most of the concert. I mean, really?


Boyce Avenue

Photo taken by Mimai Cabugnason

As you can see on this photo, majority of the concert goers are sitting down and are minding their business on their phones. It amuses me how people could resist the urge to get up, dance, and sing along. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, was literally on their seats, some of them just idly watching, while most of them engrossed on their phones, perhaps tweeting or instagramming what was unfolding on the stage. It was, in all honesty, a huge disappointment. I felt like the crowd was so dead, the artists didn’t deserve such treatment. The guitar riffs were worth a head bang, the upbeat tunes were worth grooving for, and the music was impeccably awesome, so why the dull treatment, people?

Boyce Avenue Live in Manila 2016

Photo by Mimai Cabugnason

Long time ago, people watch concerts to create wonderful memories and to enjoy the time when they finally see their favorite bands perform. They would savor the moment, scream the lyrics, and dance around, living each minute. They live for the performances, they remember the instant that their favorite artists owned the stage in front of their very eyes. Unfortunately, today, people seemed to have forgotten all about living the moment. Instead, they go to concerts to record performances on their big ass ipads, so they can share it later on Facebook or Youtube to collect hundred views and likes from friends and strangers. They would rather sit down and watch through their screens, all the while updating their twitter and instagram followers of the blow by blow happening inside the arena. Before, people throw their hands up in the air as a sign of being one with the crowd, today, people would ultimately bring their hands up to get a better angle of the performance. Some, like those ladies in front of our seats, even have the guts to take selfies as the encore runs, I mean, boy, are you even serious?

It’s pretty sad, really, how we have forgotten all about being in the moment and just relishing what’s in front of us. Not all are like these, but it’s alarming how a huge number have been forgetting to enjoy things. It’s nice to document memories, sure — a good photo on one or two songs would be nice — but most of the time, the best things are those that are not caught on camera. The best moments are those times when we throw everything away and just be present on what’s happening around us. It’s YOLO-ing, minus the gopros and the no-pros and the DSLRs. It’s disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting to the people around us. It’s humming your favorite song on the car as you make your way to a traffic-less EDSA (what a miracle). It’s sitting beside the beach, talking with the love of your life. It’s gathering around a bonfire, finding warmth on a rather chilling night. It’s eating a nice meal after a long day. It’s saying “I Do” on your wedding day.

The best memories can be felt by simply existing and appreciating the fact that you exist. All you need is saunter in the moments, bask in the happiness, and let everything in.

I hope people would realize that concerts are experiences, not trophies to brag around friends and random people on social media. Experiences are meant to be experienced, not to be tweeted or commemorated by an instagram post with a thousand likes.

As for me and my friend, Cza, we immensely enjoyed ourselves during the concert. I took a couple of photos with my almost battered phone, Cza took some quick footage, but when we look back to that night, what we’ll remember is the great music, our silly dance moves (although we’re seated), and a fun night with Boyce Avenue. Also, Alejandro’s beautiful face when he smiles (haha!)

Boyce Avenue Live in Manila 2016 - Mimai Cabugnason

Yes to living the moments.

Note: All photos are taken by Mimai Cabugnason. I didn’t bring any camera during the event because I didn’t had a media pass. Also, my digicam takes crappy night photographs. Haha.

17 thoughts on “PSA: When in a concert, LIVE THE MOMENT

  1. You know what? The last time I went to a concert was… I can’t remember when, it was either Gloria Estefan or Fra Lippo Lippi. I guess you were not yet born then.

    Back then, no one holds a cell phone, because there weren’t any then. So what were we to do?

    YES! Listen, feel, and dance!

  2. Good point, same in traveling. Feeling the moment of being in the place is whats precious. We can take 5-10 photos maybe, but should give most of our time savouring the moment.

  3. Talk about my biggest pet peeve! Oh man! Same thing when something is happening that’s worth sharing.. There isn’t one or two video taping it on their phone, it’s the whole crowd. I hate the thought of watching the life I live through my phone screen, so I don’t. I put it away!

  4. The last time I went to concert no one had their phones out and everyone were on their feet jumping around, I totally agree that everyone needs to live in the moment and this doesn’t just during concerts but at other life experiences! Glad you had a great time and a proper life experience!!

  5. Firstly, I agree with you! I don’t know who Boyce Avenue is, but a concert should be enjoyed by dancing and singing. It’s music in the end! Secondly, a concert should never be held in a concert hall that has seats! Yeah, there should be a few seats somewhere on a side of the stage for people that can’t stand up for two hours, but other than that, there should be no seats at a concert! Just joy and love for music 🙂

  6. I don’t understand this either! What ever happened to crazy gigs?! People just want to sit back and be entertained. It’s sad 🙁

  7. Same sentiments!!!!! I was in the pit for the Echosmith concert, and there was a guy who just stood there with his tripod + camera set up through the entire thing! I mean, I get a couple of pictures or Snaps here and there, but people should really learn that they paid to listen to the music of their favorite artists, not post them on Instagram. Same goes for pretty much everything these days, tbh. =))

    I suddenly remembered the CRJ concert and how pawis and dugyot I was after, hahaha! Sorry you had to see that =)))))

  8. I totally I agree that people should live the moment. Kainis no. Haha. Kasi most of the time talaga sa mga ganyan, hindi totally naeenjoy ng tao because masyadong focused isip sa pag-take ng photos/videos and pag-update sa soc medias.
    It’s like when you’re out with your friends to have lunch tapos ang ending you’re both using your phones when dapat you both should be having girly chitchats. iykwim. Haha.

  9. I totally, completely, and wholeheartedly agree with you! A long, long time ago I went to my first concert. It was a TRL Live concert that included Destiny’s Child (aka Baby Beyonce haha). I have no tangible keepsakes from it, cameras were actually banned. But man, that was a whole lot of energy and I’ll never forget it. I love when venues ban smartphones and cameras, it’s very rare, but the experience is that much better! There was one time someone had a freaking selfie stick and Go-Pro and I just wanted to Go-Kick their ass! Live in the moment! Enjoy the music, take a couple photos, but turn your camera off and put it away!

  10. Nowadays people needs “proof” or the “documented” experience rather than feel the experience itself. It’s like they want their memories to be put in a picture to reminisce it with that than just relieving it on heir minds. It’s like when some of my friends, whenever we go out. They are glued to their phones, posting pictures of us than just actually sitting there and talk. My cellphone left me around September last year and I realized this mentality early this year. Now, I am enjoying the times I am out with people and talk to them. Sometimes the feeling of being offline and unplugged on technology is comforting.

  11. Nyahahaha! that’s true~ people nowadays are too preoccupied to actually LIVE IN THE MOMENT! urgh! I rarely go to concerts, and if I do, they are usually just free concerts~ haha~ but I make sure I’m actually there, staring at the band/band members, singing along to their songs, even if I’m not their biggest fan! (also imagining that one day I could sing on stage and in front of a crowd too) Haha~ I remember the OPM bands’ mall tours when I was still in Manila~ when I was in college I didn’t have a phone with camera but I still remember the times I was a few feet away from Cueshe and Hale! lol 😛

    Boyce Avenue will be performing here in Baguio on the 22nd, which is my birthday! But I don’t have tickets~ haha!

  12. I agree with what you said! People nowadays would rather record everything on their phone and view it later than actually experience the moment! They don’t realize that the actual purpose of, say, a concert is for you to enjoy the music, not for you to brag about being there! This is one of the reasons why I quit social media — it “encourages” me to share what’s happening but it actually ruins the moment so in the end, I don’t get to enjoy it. I hope people would realize that focusing on the present, what’s there now, even if you’re not able to record it is more important than being able to capture it with your gadgets.

  13. I totally agree! It would suck to go watch a concert live but tune in more on your phone or camera screen instead of the artists in front of you. Also, Boyce Avenue! Wow. I have never been to any concert and when that fateful day comes, I’m pretty sure I won’t get decent photos because I’ll forget I have a phone or camera with me. Haha. And that’s pretty fine with me but then again it won’t hurt to take a few remembrances. 🙂

  14. I’m so jelly. I love Boyce Avenue. All their covers are amazing. I agree with you. Actually I am really not that kind of person who will replace that precious time or moment just to have something to share online or on my social sites. But we can’t force everyone to be the same. It’s just who they are.

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    1. I know that we can’t force people to do things, but it’s a little sad how people would miss out on things just because they’re too busy living a life inside a screen. 😐

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