Review: Blast From Two Pasts (Kristel Villar)

 Blast From Two Pasts - Kristel VillarBlast from the Two Pasts

Written by: Kristel Villar
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Published: April 2014


Fate’s been playing tricks on Cara Nicolas lately. She agrees to go on a blind date with her best friend’s fiancé’s cousin, only to discover that the guy is her first love from high school, Lucas Lobregat. Now that would have been a charming story, except that the date turns out to be one of the worst ever. And they can’t even pretend it never happened, because they’re both suddenly part of the wedding preparations.

Just as she is starting to get to know more about the boy she used to love, Oliver Sta. Maria, an old flame who owes her some closure, surprisingly shows up. With two pasts resurfacing, which will Cara choose to rekindle? Or can she have the chance to choose at all? (Goodreads)


My Two-Cents

This book came to my hands just on time. I just finished Palahniuk’s Stranger the Fiction (my first read for 2016, yehey!) and I wanted to go through something light, something that would entertain me as I go through hell a.k.a. the never moving roads of EDSA. True enough, it did well on keeping me busy as I travel from Quezon City to BGC — if you’re a daily commuter, you’ll definitely understand why this route is a pain.

Honestly speaking, I have never been a fan of romance novels. There are a handful of romantic novels that made a mark in my heart, and they can be easily counted in just one hand. In case you’re curious, my favorite romance books are Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook, Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, and Carol Rifka Brunt’s Tell the Wolves that I’m Home (not really a romance book, but it has a strong element of romance in it), and from the looks of it, I am only drawn to books that would make me fall to my knees and ugly cry. I can’t really say that I’m a picky reader, but based from my ratings on goodreads, I may have a different taste on books than most people. More than anything, I like books that moves me in a way that no other literature can. I’m not big on poetic executions — I would choose to focus on the story rather than be distracted with flowery decorations — and I appreciate books that uses simple language but creates a strong impact to its readers.

As for me and my new book discovery, Blast From Two Pasts is neither a book that shatters the soul or a book that provides a uniquely moving story. It’s, however, a well written novella that’s meant to entertain you to your wits end, giving you all types of kilig moments as you read through pages of beautifully weaved words. It has a very fairy tale feel for it, sweeping female readers off their feet, bringing them to a distant land where they can freely imagine themselves being swooned by charming boys and placed in a very ideal situation. I mean, who wouldn’t like that you’re being fought over by two perfectly handsome boys? Boys that are James Reid-esque, it’ll make your panties drop in a split second.

Character wise, I never really had a connection with anyone, as I felt like I have already outgrown the part where I’m a forlorn woman, longing for love. But if I have to choose my favorite from them all, I’d have to pick Lloyd, Cara’s office mate. He just knows when to slap someone in the face with the hard truth and totally help them open their eyes to see what things meant. I like Lucas as well because he sounded so dreamy, and reminds me so much of Clark (from OTWOL, but of course). However, he’s too perfect for someone like me, so even if I am single, I doubt that I’ll have the same fate as the beloved Cara.

Overall, I did enjoy reading through the book, however, it’s just not for someone who is looking for something that would make them think and dig deeper. Just like most romantic comedies, the turn out of events on this one are pretty predictable, although its presentation really helped on creating that thrill effect to the readers. For a debut book, I really commend Kristel for managing to pull through such an entertaining read for everyone. She writes really well and there are bits and pieces that actually breaks that fairy tale wall and puts the characters back in reality, which is somehow nice and refreshing. Will I recommend the book to someone else? Why not! It’s a fun, light read, and you could finish it in one seating. Nothing too stressful, really. 🙂

Rating: 2.5/5


Before I get through it, I would like to thank the lovely people of Bibliophiles Unplugged for giving me a free access to Kristel Villar’s Blast From The Two Pasts. I had a great time reading through and it surely helped me de-stress as I paved my way through the hellish traffic of Manila.

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