Sunday Currently: Vol. 13

Hey everyone! Breaking my travel posts with a quick update here in Laoag. Mark and I just had an opportunity to explore the beautiful Ilocos with SmartBro and Travel Factor for WheninManila. It’s a jam packed weekend but we definitely enjoyed going around and meeting new friends. We’re on our way back in a couple of hours, and I’m honestly afraid that I’ll be too tired to work tomorrow (travel time is 12 hours!!!), but I guess I really don’t have much choice. He he.
Reading: Stephen King’s Carrie. I’ve been trying to finish it for a while now, but I can’t seem to get it over because of my schedule. Boo.
Writing: This post! Although I might start working on my article once I got home (or maybe even while on the road).
Listening: To Justin Bieber’s Purpose. Damn, that album is good! Been thinking if I should get my hands on creating reviews for albums that I like, but meh.
Thinking: Of work. And how much I want to finally embrace the life of being free from it all.
Wishing: For more time. Time to travel, time to spend with Mark, time to embrace life.
Hoping: That things would finally fall into the right places.
Loving: This weekend. This. Freaking. Weekend.
How about you guys? How was your weekend? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Sunday Currently: Vol. 13

  1. Oh hey, new layout? Haven’t been around here for a while because my feed is crappy. It sometimes fails to catch all updates. 🙁

    Justin’s new album YES. It’s so much different from all the pop crap he’s been putting out in the last few years. So happy to see his musicality finally shining through!

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