Karnabal Festival 2015 Volunteer Experience

Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
Last Sunday, I volunteered for Karnabal Festival as a photographer. Armed with my entry level camera, a borrowed lens, and a nervous heart, I traveled to Maginhawa and tried to help, capturing stills for various performances. It was a fun event to cover, as I really missed theater and art. My escapades has been reduced to appreciating art on my tabs (thanks google art), watching plays on youtube, and endlessly browsing crafts on instagram. It was refreshing, it was enjoyable, and mostly, it was something that made me very nostalgic during those days that I’ve spent working for theater.
Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
That lone ranger, welcoming you at Teatro Papet Museo.
Karnabal Festival is a gathering of performers from all over the metro (and some foreigner friends, as well), showcasing experimental works of different artists. Some performances are actually work-in-progress, while the others are just newly brewed and are being experimented for future improvements. The festival works through blank tickets, where the audience are free to choose the amount of money to ‘pay’ for each performance, deciding based on their experience and their liking of the show. It’s somehow a social experiment too, where performers and organizers get to see how people “value” the things that they do. You can also write comments and ‘love letters’ to artists on your tickets as a way of showing your appreciation, or just critiquing their work for possible developments.

Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
Ticket booth!

The festival is being run by volunteers and performers, spearheaded by Sipat Lawin Ensemble — a theater company who are passionate about their craft and who aims to bring the beauty of theater to the greater public. I’ve came across the group during their Battalia Royale performance, and from then on, I kind of stalked them around the internet, trying to catch performances whenever I can. So when I saw their call for volunteers, I quickly signed away.

Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
The haunting puppets on the 2nd floor.
I was only able to volunteer once due to work requirements and some side jobs, but I plan to help out again (if the time permits) before the festival ends on May 17. During the short time that I interacted with the volunteers and the performers, I realized why I loved theater a lot during college — it was because it brought out different sides of people, and it just goes to show that passion can actually go a long way.

Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
Still from “Tikom”, performed by Dulaang Perpetual

When I was still in college, I started to get into theater because of my organization. I never became an actor, and I mostly stayed behind the huge tech booths, manning the music, helping out with the sounds, and controlling the lapels. Maybe because I suck at acting, or maybe because the nerves start to creep into me that I almost always forget my lines, but to say the least, it did not work out well for me. I did perform from time to time, though, but it was more of dancing than anything else. After college, though, I strayed away from almost everything, that I ended up so disconnected, seeing live performances became so rare, like a blood moon or something.

Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
Still from “Ang Istoryang Dahil Sayo” by Kristina Magno

Through small opportunities like Karnabal Festival, I decided that it was time to bring back the passion that I’ve felt while I was still a bit younger, back when I was someone unconsumed by the usual issues that grown ups have to deal with. I know that I can no longer commit to being in a production, nor can I perform again on stage, but through small steps like watching and supporting these energetic and spirited groups, I think I can always bring the spark back little by little. (Side note: although I must admit, a lot of theater kids that I’ve bumped into are starting to be more conyo than ever…)

Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
Still from “Relationship Anatomy” by Isab Martinez
Although I only get to volunteer for a day, I felt like Karnabal Festival has opened up something within me that I’ve been longing to tap for the longest time. Who knows, it might actually do the same thing to you! I’m not sure if they are still in need of volunteers, as the festival is already coming to an end, but if you feel like helping out, you can always reach them through their facebook page. They still have three more days filled with performances, discussions, workshops, gatherings, and exhibits, so don’t forget to check them out! They have two main venues (Teatro Papet Museo and Vargas Museum), but they also hold some of their activities on other locations around Maginhawa area. Full schedules of performances, venue maps, and location guides are readily available through their social media. Make sure you catch them on their last three days because it’s definitely a wonderful experience.
Karnabal Festival 2015 | www.jhanzey.net
Still from “Mga Multo ni Mang Roque” performed by TAP
Karnabal Festival 2015

24 thoughts on “Karnabal Festival 2015 Volunteer Experience

  1. I wasn't able to do any volunteer work when I had more free time before! Sayang 🙁 Would have been a great way to know and meet amazing people ano? :))

  2. I wasn't able to do any volunteer work when I had more free time before! Sayang 🙁 Would have been a great way to know and meet amazing people ano? :))

  3. I never really felt a connection with theater, more with other arts. It must be an amazing experience to volunteer on a festival like this!

  4. I never really felt a connection with theater, more with other arts. It must be an amazing experience to volunteer on a festival like this!

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